Blanketed In Diamonds – This has only been knit by me, if anyone decides to make it I am happy for feedback.








Moorish Frieze Hat Pattern – As before this has not been test knit, so I am sorry if there are any problems.






Christmas Stocking

Gauge 18st * 25 rows over 4 * 4 inches
Yarn: Need red, white, and green yarn.
Needles: 9 16” Circulars or 4 dpns, 8 16” Circulars or 4 dpns


3 Responses to Patterns

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  2. new knitter says:

    RE The Christmas Stocking, it seems some of the instructions are missing. after Gusset, after Switch to red yarn, in the Switch to green part, there is not enought info. perhaps just 1 line did not get typed.

    • artsyashley says:

      Sorry for a delay, I just was trying to see what you said. The way I read it there is enough information Marker B and C denote the sides and you need to decrease for the toe. Unless you think it should read to decrease a total of 4 each round, I haven’t made this in several years.

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