Finally done.

IMG_0718Well I finally did it, I finished the Colorado quilt.  As mentioned before, the quilt and I did spend some time apart.  There was the period where is continued to be in my parents’ house in PA and I was down in the DC metro area.  Also there was the 27 months I spent in Peace Corps, plus a month traveling South America.  Oh my gosh, was South America a good trip.  Sorry about the digression.

IMG_0709So I asked Matt and LB when their wedding was coming up, if they would like the quilt as their wedding gift.  They understood they were not getting the quilt immediately.  An interesting thing is in the time in between the wedding and now, they have moved to Colorado.  So perfect that they are getting a quilt made out of Colorado Beauty Quilt Blocks.

Once I got to the outer group of blocks, I felt the end was in sight.  I tell my friend Matt I only had 35 out of 121 left to do.  Which Matt pointed out was more than a quarter.  I would like to point out for the outer group I did not need to frame the quilt at this point, which makes finishing a block easier.  And yesterday I wokeIMG_0711up with only one block to go.

Once I finished the quilting, I need to whip up some binding, enough to go around a king size quilt.  So I went about it including cutting some cardboard guides to make the ironing portion of creating double fold binding easier.  I made around 12 and a half yards and then bound the quilt by machine.  This morning I took out the basting threads and looked it over to to fix any small mistakes.  And then I was done. My nephew may have added 7 years to his life, and I may have started it before he was born, but now I am DONE!


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