Polka-dotted Joy

Well there have been several projects that I have not written about.  By this I mean projects I do want to share.  I will start first with the one I am wearing today.  I have fears of this dress not lasting.  This is because when I was correcting my error of sewing the fabric so closely to the teeth of the zipper that the zipper did not unzip I figured with the cotton I could seam rip by pulling the pieces apart and simply running the seam ripper along, I found the fabric would tear easily.

photo 4I don’t remember exactly which pattern option I liked when I picked up Simplicity Pattern 1418.  I don’t believe it was option A.  I like the project runway series of patterns as they are up to date concerning styles.  It’s also interesting how the pattern is laid out to interchange the options.  However, an effect of the separate parts is adding up all the amounts of fabric you have to buy.  When I purchased the pattern and the fabric, I failed to do that and so ended up without fabric for a skirt.  I also failed to see the binding note for bodice A.

I was able to get more fabric when allowing myself to invest in more seam rippers as I could not find the two I owned.  Of course the first time I go to sew after buying 3 more seam rippers (enough to misplace and find again before not have my hands on any), I move the sewing machine and find one.  I find sometimes items seem to be like magnets, you need to lay your hands on another and it will attract the first.

So I cut out the skirt and then follow the directions of the pattern.  I see that I am supposed to add binding and I easily find some 7/8ths binding and I apply it in the manner directed.  As I finish the parts of the top I can do before its attached to the skirt, I take a look at it.  It seems to be a bit much, a bit costume-y.  But I soldier on, up to putting in the zipper wrong the first time.  When I am ripping the zipper out, I’m not doing it in the most delicate manner.  I am making the thread taunt and gliding the seam ripper down.  Then it makes a rip in the fabric.  So I put the project aside.

photo 2After convincing myself it was a strange blind obedience to directions, I decided I might as well see how it fits.  So I place the zipper in and try it on,  and it fits so well.   So I took a poll of some trusted people to see if I was right about how it looked like a costume.  My sister suggested I try it with thinner binding.  Funnily enough that was the width of binding that the pattern suggested.  I hadn’t bothered to look at that exact detail before.  So I made that change, and thought it worked much better.

When I wore it to work, I got many compliments, so I’m glad I didn’t just put it aside.  Also, last night I went to see West Side Story, I just knew that would be my outfit.  Cause I feel the Puerto rican girls get the better outfits for the dance routines.  Its more fun to twirl with a full skirt.

photo 1

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One Response to Polka-dotted Joy

  1. Lyric says:


    I am glad you blogged about this dress as it is the pattern of choice for our “Make A Garment A Month Challenge” [http://makeagarmentamonthchallenge.blogspot.com]. I never would have thought of polka dot. You go, girl! I Googled to see if anyone had written up information about working with this pattern and thankfully you did.

    I too am glad you persevered and did not lay the project down for good. Also glad it came out well for you. I’m a big girl, mediocre sewist so we’ll see how it goes for me.



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