The predicted snow next week is not my fault

So I had my sister mail me two groups of yarn when I was in the Dominican Republic.  One was used to make my blue dress.  The other set was to make Mitts with Pints by SpillyJane.  I was being so proactive, and going to have mittens before I got to the United States.

photo 2-1The one knit was just a bit snug, so I undid it and knit a larger one (I believe I both added stitches and went up a knitting needle size).  After I finished them I had quite a bit of yarn left and no desire to pack it to bring along on the South American trip.  So then I asked my friend Robin who was going to be heading back to Boston how big her hands were, since it looked like I could make another pair.  Since she had tiny hands, I was able to get another pair out of the yarn, with only a different color thumb to make it work.  Here is picture to show the difference in the size mittens I and Robin need.

photo 1-1

So I came back to the States and found that while the mittens made me happy, they were drafty if it was windy.  I hadn’t thought about having to knit them tight enough to provide a barrier.  This might be why when I lost one at a bar, I only did a half hearted search for it.

So I had to order more yarn.  And I misremembered the exact blue I had used.  That turned out to be a happy accident.  The lighter blue makes a crisper contrast.  Also by the time I got the yarn I also had received conductive thread to my my mittens iPhone friendly.  So I plugged away and started another pair, with a lot less enthusiasm when I realized to get the density I wanted in the fabric being created I would have to knit with size 1 needles.

photo 1

As I got the first one near done I willy nilly sew the thread in the top and do get it to work.  Then my friend Kate makes fun of the bird nest appearance and shares that as she understood it from what she has read, most people just knit it along with the yarn.  Well since I had come up with the idea from hearing about the tech gloves sold and my friend a non-knitter suggested there should be conductive thread, I hadn’t thought beyond the initial combining phase.  I had not yet gotten to the refining of the idea.  Well I took her advice and ripped back on did it by knitting it with the yarn.

After I finished that glove, I felt I was fine.  I would eventually make the other mitten, but for now I had two.  Sure they were slightly different hues of blue, but they functioned (albeit one below par).

So I went back to the more tempting projects.  After a while with the harshness of winter lingering (inter-spiced with weekends of 50 and 60 degree weather), I began to think it might be the fault of me not finishing the second mitten (or 6th).  However, I felt as soon as I finished, the mitten would be superfluous, and the weather would became what we expected for March in DC.   Eventually I gave in and once I finished my sweater (to be shared soon), I started the second mitten.  I did my best but couldn’t get it done before the end of St. Patty’s Day (after another snow storm).  But It was finished, so any cold day or snow coming next week cannot be blamed on me.

By the way the pattern calls for four different colors of pints, but since I wanted the pints to be ones I would drink, I limited to the colors I would drink.


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