Engineering a bathing suit

This is how I came to have a new bathing suit shown through a timeline.

August 3rd – Gave in to desire and bought material at Encajes La Rosario.

August 14th – Made all the measurements directed by the information I had saved from a website that I cannot go to because it appears to be gone ( Used black knit to try a “muslin” of the pattern.  Sewing machine will not work on the knit, switch to hand basting.

9:45 pm: Put the bottoms on and realize the instructions did not work.  The bottoms are too large. Decided there was no hope of a top and bottom in one night at this point and did want to read, so I did that instead.

August 18th – Wake up quite refreshed, back from a trip that included many hours of travel, and think about a day without anyone in the house. decide it may be a no pants day.  Decided I like how my underwear fit and really wanted that cut for the bathing suit bottom.  Also that the current pair was at the end of its life.  Tried on 2nd muslin without underwear and took timed photos including one bending over to ensure nothing was going to be shared accidentally. 

4:02pm: Decided to cut off the seam allowance and recut back piece to see if the leg cut could be lower, everything done from that moment to 9:20pm was a step backward

Found the other black knit fabric and began another muslin altering seam placement.

Aug 19th –  Looked at photos and decided to try another muslin with orginal seams, regretted the desecration of the 2nd muslin.  Cut again as the the underwear was seaming pieces of fabric to make the bathing suit pieces.  Tried on the muslin and took photos, was also wearing black underwear.  Changed to underwear that would stand out and retook pictures and fiddled with fit.  Searched through room for more black knit to try on and find fabric used to make this dress (the one with a pattern).  Tweak with that ruining the fit and go hunting fabric again.  Find the other black knit and cut out the final muslin for the bottoms.

Move onto trying to cut out the pattern for a triangle string bikini top.

Then abandon suit effort for some days.

Aug 26th – Cut top triangles in the width of my black bikini top.  Then cut out all the pieces from the fushia spandex (double for the top) including a long rectangle to make a fabric tube.

Wait for electricity.  When it returns have some success with sewing machine (luckily the tube) and spandex (going over the seam a second time to make up for where the thread did not catch).  Switch to fushia thread to sew the seams that would show such as hems and mess up the balance of the tension in the machine so that I will be fixing that before using it.  Switch to hand sewing.

Aug 27th – 30th – Work on bathing suit among charlas, travel, and medical appointments.  When get to Robin’s house, tried on suit and made alterations.

On the 31st – Wore the bathing suit with the top in the criss cross style shown here.

Bathing Suit

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