Bermuda Shorts (for use in the Dominican Republic)

So I was traveling through the capital and making my transfer at Parque Enriquillo, therefore I felt I had to stop at Encajes La Rosario.  I did in fact need a zipper if I was ever going to use fabric I bought ages ago.  My first fabric purchase in the country.  My time in the Dominican Republic is winding down and therefore I need to use what I have.  Although I did not need to, I did allow myself to look through the fabric department.  I saw this green plaid behind the counter and was quite drawn to it (as I am to any plaid that uses colors I like).  I began thinking of tackling a blouse.   Of course when I finally was waited on (there was quite a crowd and no deli numbers like JoAnn’s) I found out the fabric was heavier than I expected.

I still wanted it.  So then I thought shorts.  So I bought a yard of 60″ fabric.However, I did not want short shorts.  I did not want capris.  With some consultation, it was decided they would be a bit above the knee.  They would be Bermuda shorts.

I did not have a pattern with me at the time or the exact length decided, so the yard was pure hope.  I took Simplicity Amazing Fit 2700 Women and Petite Pants and cut them shorter than pant length after holding the pant piece up to my leg.  After a waist, hip, and crotch length measurement, I cut a size 14 curvy.  Apparent previous I had gone for a size 10 average, although I don’t see that being correct.  I also previously failed to replace the fly and one front band piece, but I made do fine.

DSC_0008Given the limited fabric, I had to refold the fabric and didn’t realize on one side of the front leg that it was not quite enough.  I fixed that later on with a patch, painstakingly matching the plaid so it would not be obvious.  And the first patch I cut as you see was not long enough, but for some unknown reason I sewed it on.  So I got a chance to do it again and improve my skill.

FlyThe shorts were failing to lay flat in the front and I went search and came up this handy table I made a small waist adjustment the best that I could, considering I was not working with a muslin and had no ability to cut any more large pieces.   So what I did in reality was bring the sides of the front piece up.  I was happy with how the pants lay in teh front and did all hemming and zigzaging to prevent fraying.  I hand sewed the button holes and the buttons.

DSC_0011-003I put them on to take the pictures and share my joy and then saw the back legs.  I really could have used a sewing partner for the next part.  I went back to the info I found on the Clover Sewalong Cheatsheet and thought the wrinkles must be a result of the crotch.  I had already trimmed seams and so tacked on some scraps to see about increasing the crotch area.  The wrinkles stayed.  I then went looking for more pants sewing resources and the book that helped the most was The Complete Photo Guide to Perfect Fitting.  Cause there are wrinkle from tightness and wrinkles from looseness, I couldn’t figure out what mine were.  In the end I think the torso part was too long, I shortened the back section from the waist band.  I made many adjustments and basted seams and for each I would have to try on the pants and take a picture to see how they hung in the back, this is why a partner would be helpful.  By many I mean I have over 50 pictures from that part of the process.

They aren’t perfect.  But changing one thing, affected the fit of another part.  I think I may make another pair and start with a muslin, that I don’t worry about to get a perfect fit.    And the next may be just below the need.  But these are currently (Tuesday the 13th of August) being worn because I like them so much I wanted to wear them immediately.

Bermuda Shorts

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One Response to Bermuda Shorts (for use in the Dominican Republic)

  1. Paula says:

    You are a crazy, very talented, very smart woman!

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