The battle of the zipper


So one of the projects the organization I work with has done involved sewing machines.  They were not currently being used so I asked if I could borrow one.  Borrow is not a word that exists exactly in spanish.  What you can do is ask for a loan, which I did.  I used it for a brief part of time before encountering problems.  The speed control bar broke off.  So DSC_0068decided to try to fix it.  I had never taken apart a sewing machine before and in doing so unscrewed more screws than I should have to figure out how to get off the shell.  I failed to note which screw went where or take photos.  Therefore having taken apart the tension mechanism it was many months (around 9) before I could use the machine again (I did I would like to mention fix the speed control quite easily with some cooqui (superglue) and part of an Emory board).  I did take some long break of frustrations (months again) but I finally got it working again, though it is not exactly perfect since the tension has to be so tight you cannot easily slide it between the discs.  But it does sew a good seam again.

However, I only told you about the trail of the sewing machine, because with it fixed I fixed a dress I had sewn in the early part of the year.  A dress that luckily waited until I was in a hotel room to split a seam in the front adding a “keyhole”.  I brought the pattern and a couple others back from the my trip in November to the United States and the fabric I picked up at Encajes La Rosario near Avenida  Duarte in Santo Domingo.

DSC_0110This wasn’t the first time I made Simplicity 2404 a dress from the Amazing Fit Collection.  I had previously made it with a blue fabric that made me think of upholstery fabric for the way the pattern looked.  This DSC_0109time around I apparently went for a tighter fit. I also may be a bit different shaped.  I do know I started making version B of the fushia dress and then realized that is what I had in the blue so changed it to version C. I know the picture on the right is blurry, but it does still show the room there is in the blue version.

Blue Dress

DSC_0056At first all I thought I would have to do with the fushia dress was go over the seams and add some space to the side waist seams.  However I now had a tool that made sewing much quicker and thought since there was no rush to wear the dress, I should get it to look as good as I could.  So one thing I did was to try on the dress inside out and rework where the front top and back top connected for a seam.  Let me tell you it is hard enough to zip up a back zipper on a fitted dress, add to that the issue of the fact that the zipper pull lies on the inside makes it a a frustrating feat.

DSC_0059The zipper managed to add even more joy to my life.  It was clearly visible in the back.  I was working with a white invisible zipper so the color difference is quite stark.  I first tried the handpicked method very close to the fold.  But although I did it over and over again, it did not manage to stay covering when the dress was on my body.  I loosed seams and still it was not hidden.  Finally I went to the sewing machine and worked and ripped out until it was invisible.  The process was as follows: I would tear it out, repin, sew it again, zip the zipper up and down, put on the dress and contort myself to get it all zipped, position my camera and the self time, wait for the picture to take, look at the picture and see that it was still visible, work contortions of my body to unzip the dress and attempt again.  It was because of this dress I decided a side zipper for my birthday dress.  When I finally didn’t see it in the photo I went to the front of the house and in Spanish asked my dona if she could see it and then explained how happy that made me because I had done and undone it so many times.  However then I reworked the seams, so now it is not quite perfect, but it passes my muster as there is not a thing more I can do.  And so I finished another dress.  

Fushia Dress






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