A 2 hour dress

So I actually made on of these with a machine and the other by hand.  One in the United States and the other in the Dominican Republic.  One fabric was bought in Paris, France and one Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.  And neither is the 1st attempt at the idea, but someone did not prefer the style and therefore I will not share those pictures.

As happens, sometimes I find the need to stop making myself clothing, but that does not end my desire to make something.  So I told a friend to pick a fabric and she picked a green knit with thin white stripes.  I thought on it and decided a snug dress above the knees with a cowl neckline would be nice.  I found a great tutorial with instructions on how to change a basic neckline into a cowl here.

So originally I planned to wear my bohus sweater for thanksgiving with my Dad’s side of the family.  But it was not done, and I was in touch with reality and did not attempt to finish it the night before Thanksgiving.  Instead I decided to make a dress the night before.  And it was a good idea because although it was late November, inside the house at Thanksgiving with all the gathered people is rarely a temperature that is sweater worthy.  I did bring along the wrap I received for LB’s wedding and that helped with the outdoor pictures.

DSCN0527So at my parents house I had to cut a new pattern and was helped by the wrapping paper with a one inch grid pattern on the back.  That with my the experience of my previous attempt and a sewing machine had me a new dress in a total time of 2 hours (that included the figuring out the pattern part.

Then I paired it with my awesome boots (how I miss them leaving in the DR) and a pair of tights to make a very good outfit in my opinion.  Anna when seeing the pictures said how east coast about the tights and when there was a small poll done (small because it was at 1 year IST and the group was a total of 5) it was decided Anna just didn’t get cold weather dressing, there was nothing east coast about tights.

Here is a lovely shot of of me and my cousins. It goes Me, Alicia, Courtney, Alexis, Katie, and Ben draped across our laps.


DSCN0677So then I come back to the DR, and I want to make another.  It is a wonderful pattern.  This time I found a more active patterned knit fabric (and it is ribbed textured).  By now I was old hat and whipped another one up to wear to Art’s Christmas Party.  That is the party hosted by the Country Director in mid December.  After the party we went out dancing and since this was a great shot of the back of the dress, and I imagine Tristan will not read this, I included this shot.

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