Lost in Wallpaper

So since there has been such a lag, I forget how I stumbled unto SpillyJane.  All I know is I got looking at her mitten patterns and I knew at one point I would knit a pair.  Okay thinking back and hard, I have determined it was probably when I saw the Yarn Harlot’s Mittens with Pints On.  I do in fact have plans to make those, but those are not what I am posting today. Today’s I am discussing my sister’s birthday present (because in Southern Pennsylvania early November is about when you seriously start checking out whether your winter coat will work for another a year and you all your gloves have mates).  A birthday present that spent time in the Caribbean and even made a trip to Jamaica, even though nowhere in that time would winter mittens be useful.

So my sister in her usual manner let me know she would like mittens.  I decided to give her the choice of pattern and sent her a document with ten pictures, and of the ten she picked Decadence by SpillyJane.  Of course I only sent patterns I also liked, because it takes me greater dedication when I’m not enjoying the output of my needles.  Once she picked the pattern the next time I was at Fibrespace, I went wandering around the sock yarn section, and of course ended up looking at the Miss Babs colors.  I first found the orange which I failed to write down the name of the colorway in my last move or on Ravelry, but I think it is French Marigold or Firecracker.  I found the orange first, because its one of the colors I never use for myself, but always for my sister because they work on her and she likes them.  Then after trying multiple other options I settled on the colorway Denim which was a blue that contrasted just as I learned in my childhood art class.

Lost in Wallpaper MittenI then a week later, February 2011, I allowed myself to start knitting them, putting aside my bohus sweater.  I at some point go distracted, then the move, and the need to finish the cardigan for the toddler took priority.  After that I was in Community Based Training and only had part of my luggage, therefore I started a new project.  After that project ended up being too finicky, I put down my knitting for a while.  The cold weather always is a good incentive to knit, and it never got cold for me last year.  Eventually this spring I picked up the Mitten Undersideproject again and finished them in April.  Of course I could not share about them until my sister had received them, and that is why now is when I finally have posted.  I called them Lost in Wallpaper Mittens, because the top pattern really reminds me of a wallpaper panel. I highly recommend the pattern.

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