You know one unexpected benefit from living the Dominican Republic (I mean because there were many expected ones, more baseball, no snow), it has provided project fidelity.

ImageI just was looking at facebook, and have like Fibre Space.  Of course I do, it is a wonderfully put together shop with friendly, helpful, and knowledgeable workers.  So they are having a knit-along of Color Affection and I really was interested because of the pretty yarn I saw pictured.  So I followed the link and was looking through the finished projects , and spotted one that I first I was going to say I think I feel in love with, but no in reality I fell into adoration.  The knitter  worked the pattern in madelinetosh tosh merino light colors of brown, green, and cream as I see theme.  It just captured me.  But in the end what can I do.  I cannot run out to the store and get the right yarn.  I also cannot justify the cost of shipping, because there is no great need.  I brought my beautiful andromeda shawl down here, and have not had a day where I have worn it.  I currently would not think about wearing it now, since I already sweat enough in the day and it is only going to get hotter.  But amusing thing is in the post about the andromeda shawl, if you click on it to see the picture and happen to read the words, you will see that I made mention of trying for more fidelity and failing.

However, enough about what I won’t be knitting for now and shawls.  I have made progress on my great masterpiece.  I say great because I am going to knit a sweater on needles which size I usually reserve for socks.  My aunt compared the double pointed version of these size needles to toothpicks.  And of course the part right now is more enticing to knit than what comes next, it is the colorful yoke of a bohus sweater.  After I finish the yoke, it will be black stich black stich black stich black stitch and etcetera.  But because I don’t have anything new and shiny to distract me, there is a chance that even with needing a fan on when knitting so I don’t have the yarn stick to my sweaty fingers, I may reach my goal of a deadline.  I think I will keep that deadline off this post, just for now.  And I only tried it on because the directions told me to.


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