A Shindig

I decided I needed some simple knitting to pass the time.  A sock pattern that did not require 5 elaborate charts (but when I finish that pair, it will be a beautiful thing).  So after not having a clue about a pattern I felt like knitting, I went through my queue on ravelry (what a wondrous tool).  I would like to point out I do only have a limited about of yarn, so that also limited the options.

Years ago, I was shown a pattern called Kaylee in reference to the character from Firefly.  Since I liked the pattern and the reference, I went about looking for a colorway that said Kaylee to me.  When I saw that someone was willing to sell Fairgrounds by Socks that Rock (this was back in February of 2008, oh how knitting plans are usurped by a shiny new project), I thought it was a perfect colorway.  It made me think of Kaylee and her very puffy dress during the episode Shindig.

Like I said some time had passed.  I committed to living in a foreign country for 2 years and could not bring all my yarn with me.  I happened to bring those two balls with me.  All my yarn without exact plans in the DR is sock weight, because even though I rarely wear closed toe shoes right now, socks still are feasible, or a shawl.  Plus socks are a nice transportable project.  So I looked again at the Kaylee pattern and just felt it just did not fit the yarn.  Luckily there were more options in my queue. I came across the Flying Lindy pattern and although I was nervous about the way the many colors would work, I decided I should at least give it a try.

So end of April I started knitting.  I took it on the trip to Laguna Limon, for some guagua knitting.  When I was sitting next to my friend Tristian, he asked what I was making and then when I said they were for him he kind of bought it, thinking they might be small.  To me the colorway was more the indicator, I saw it as feminine.  Not only did it end up being guagua knitting, it also ended up being stuck in el campo for another day because the water is above the bridge and it is not yet time for another trivial pursuit game.  At one point I was sitting in front of the colmado knitting, watching the fisherman make their nets.  It was interesting because both I and they have had enough practice with the movements required and don’t need to always be looking at what we are doing.

In the pattern once you finish the first sock, the author states that if you want to mirror the socks (and of course I do), just swap the order of the two charts.  Now, I could have figured that out, but I still appreciate that she included that.  I knit off and on, not aiming to finish because there was no rush, and yesterday I finished the socks.  I ended up really liking how the colors worked out, I feel they are more attractive in person, than when I look at the pictures, so trust me on that one.  My host mom thought they were great when I went out in the hall to take pictures in the better light.  My overall review is the pattern was well written, easy to follow, and had good charts.

I don’t know if I will keep them or not, they fit someone with around a size 9 woman’s foot.  I felt this picture to the left shows the colors most accurately.

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