You just can’t take the craftiness out of a girl

It’s been a while since I posted here. Why would that be, oh I’ve been focusing on my other blog and living in the DR as a Peace Corps Volunteer.  But for anyone who knows me, do you really think I could spend 2 years without making anything.  I would have to have no free or travel time, and that is not the case.

I was inspired to figure out how to make these earrings by some super cool earrings I got at Jumbo.  Jumbo is a magical place for us volunteers, its well lit, has a food court with quiznos, and has a wide selection of items long the lines of Target.  I got the earrings on my first trip ever there and loved them.  I loved them enough to be wearing them in Cabarete on New Year’s Eve and lose one, who knows where.  I had even when having both earring wanted to figure out how, but it was not until losing one and asking Mauri who teaches courses on decorative arts where to get sewing patterns that I got around to finding the materials to do so.

I had found websites and a helpful video on how to make such each earring in the fall.  But not knowing exactly where to get the materials and a bum computer (the screen just showed white) slowed me down.

So with some new spanish words I got the wire, pliers, thread, and earring finding (I knew some of them before.  Then I cut off part of a wire hanger to make the coiled part of the earrings with the higher gauge wire.  The video suggests you use something to slide the hanger through, but I found it possible to coil with only my l shaped part of the hanged.

For the blue tear drops I went off of sight to try to make them look right.  They just weren’t perfect and with the dedication that went into the self-striping socks I counted wire loops on my original earring (148, with 48 being used twice) and then did my best to evenly space the coil.  I think the red turned out best.  After I cracked out a handful of that type I took a break.  But then when looking on the internet I found another style I really thought was cool.  And so I found myself trying to do it with a spiral.  I am quite pleased that I can now make these and wanted to share.

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