Origami Messenger Bag


A fellow knitter had a bag her mother had made her on one Thursday night.  I was fascinated as she described how it was made.  Of course I failed to commit it to mind and luckily Kate remembered.  Kate once demonstrated for me on paper, which I lost when moving my stuff.  Kate was kind enough to provide her take on the directions again.

A barely connected fact, I used to do a lot of origami.  And look how life loops around.


I often pick up the photographic fruit fabric when I see it if I like the look.  I have worn through the straps on my green pineapple bag and was wearing out my apple bag, so I knew eventually I would have to work to replace them.  Of course the first replacement bag I made was for my mother and had not gotten around to any for myself yet.  One reason was it takes space to quilt the fabric and the table in my parents’ den works so much better.

So once I had gotten over the sloth moving created, I laid out the kiwi fabric and tried to make a square (one yard wide).  Without a great guide, there was some tweaking.  I then went about cutting the sage green fabric and batting to match.  To keep the fabric from shifting through the layers, I basted it.  Of course, typical luck, the first time I basted I had failed to iron the fabric and ended up with creases.  So there for I ironed it and then basted it again.  After that I did the joyous task of quilting the square and strap.  I will admit the lines were not perfectly done, but were good enough for me.


The next step was to make bias tap to bind the edge.  I found some white fabric that worked well for contrast and reacquainted myself with the directions from here.  Since I thought I would make another bag I made 318” of double wide, which of course took a while to iron.


I then bound the edge and went to look at Kate’s instructions again.  Setting the square with a point at top, I folded the one edge over two thirds and then the other side edge over that.  To tack it down I folded up the inside edge of the bias tape and sewed underneath.  This kept the seam unobtrusive.  I then folded the project in half with the overlap on the outside.  I placed the strap down between the fold and sewed about ½ inch in on each side.

Then I had a beautiful new bag.


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