Fabric Venn Diagram

Sometimes I think people may be interested in how a project came to be.  Sometimes I may be incorrect.  I’m not sure if those two sometimes ever create a Venn diagram.  I sure hope not.  I do know that because of fabric now my niece’s clothing and min sometimes is an overlapping Venn Diagram.  As in I own dress and she owns dresses, and sometimes they are related because it was the same fabric.

So for some reason I had been telling a few of my favorite stories about my sister.  Only a few of the multitude (we are getting older).  I noticed that most of the stories were highlighting the times I felt she treated me badly.  (One was just to share why I giggle every time I go byBeauregard Street in Alexandria.)  Once I noticed that I felt I had to make it clear that she is for the most part an awesome sister, it is just certain stories are more fun to share.

The there were two stories I shared in conjunction with each other.  The link between the two was her alibi was to have misunderstood.  One was a repeatedly done when the night before I would have been at Lubertos (an excellent place to eat if you are nearDublin,PA) and got a cheese steak.  I would generally eat half and the chips and save the other half.  Then likely I would work the next afternoon at the pool and think about it for my next dinner.  I would go home and open the fridge and find it gone.  She had eaten it and when questioned “Oh, I thought you weren’t going to eat it.”  Not okay.  The second story was a dress I owned in high school.  She was away at college but would be home periodically.  She asked if she could borrow it and I said no I planned to wear it next week, which I did.  Then a few weeks latter I am thinking to myself I have not seen that dress recently.  I wait through another cycle of laundry and finally question my sister.  She had borrowed it, why did she think she could, “Oh, I thought you just meant that week I could not borrow it.”  But I was telling my sister I had been sharing the stories and she said what dress.  I said my white eyelet dress.  It didn’t ring any bells.  I have finally dug up the picture this morning (of course, I am uncertain of the other girls in the picture, I think one was Carrie).  After talking to her about it, I started thinking about how much I liked that dress and decided to recreate it.

I looked through patterns and then realized I likely already owned the pattern I needed.  And thankfully my dad looked through the drawers and found the pattern that was used for a couple dress when I was a senior in high school.  He found the pattern and to make sure it was the right one found a link on the internet that showcased McCall’s 3233.  Once he sent me the info on the pattern, I ordered some fabric from fabric.com.  I was looking for white eyelet, but none was available at the time, so I ended up getting Fancy Eyelet Ivory.  I think that ended up being the
better choice in the long run considering my propensity for paleness.  My mother actually asked me about two weeks ago if I was outside during the day.  I replied not usually considering work.  I do believe that anyone who explores the link will agree that the photo does not indicate any shinyness.  That off course was a bit misleading, but I came to accept the thread being shiny.

I had the fabric shipped to my parents’ house so that I could work on it the weekend I was up there.  I the morning of Saturday had to go out and pick up a zipper and that is how I came to buy patterns for baby dresses.  Since I had already cut out the pattern on the eyelet material I knew I had plenty of extra.  I would like to not since I had cut the pattern to the size used in 2001 and not folded it down, I added some extra to the seams.  I am slightly different physically a decade later.  The only other thing I changed was to add lining (next time I would just make a slip and not sew in the seams) and make the straps thicker.  My sister asked if I did that to avoid the hassle of turning thinner straps.  No that was not my primary reason.  My primary reason was that I did not want to be a hassle to wear a bra and I hate it when the bra straps show.  I also felt that this dress may have my most successful zipper to date.  This was the dress I was wearing when asked incredulously about making my dress to wear to the wedding.  And I was told it did not look home-made.  Of course I was asked if I made the design, and I replied no I bought the fabric as eyelet fabric.  I love the scalloped edges, even though those made me have to tinker with the pattern.  I’m sorry the picture is limited, but last night when I tried to take it with it on it made a shiny 7 across my chest and stomach, which was just too strange.  And I need to stand for the dress form to use it to show anything with a skirt.  The dress, as can be seen, is not a replica of the original, but has been inspired by.  The length is to right above my knees.

So as I said I knew I had plenty of extra fabric (I feel like so leftover amount is so often obnoxious).  What made it not obnoxious, was having a little niece I had a use for it.  I picked up McCall’s 5791 to makeErin a pretty ivory dress.  Funnily the pattern was called to be lined, so I did not have to remind myself to do it.  I had not though about the ribbon, but Tuesday night was able to decide on the beautiful orange ribbon that had lead to me purchasing yarn to make a scarf.  I made the scarf, but then decided I liked it better without the ribbon.  One issue was turning the ties a bunch of white particles erupted over my room.  I did once again French seam, I love that look.  Another was apparently I wound the bobbin thread wrong, so it tangled and I repeatedly had to remove the plate on the sewing machine to get it out.  Repeatedly, failing to think maybe the bobbin is the problem considering you just clean out the fuzz last weekend.

What was amusing was the width of the skirt before gathered.  It would have been indecently short on me of course, but had at least 30% extra when around my hips.  And I think anyone will know my weight is exponential to my niece’s.

Once finished I did think, too bad she is already baptized.  Such a pretty dress.

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One Response to Fabric Venn Diagram

  1. Paula says:

    Ashley, the dresses are beautiful. Your sewing machine problems with Erin’s dress reminded me of why I hate to sew! Everything I sew anything, I fight with the machine and it wins. I think I started sewing seriously at 11 and there were always bobbin problems with my mom’s machine, never mind the time I sewed through my finger! When I was in jr. high school I made at least a dress a week ( that was mini skirt years). Two machines later and I decided that fighting with the machine is the norm. I enjoy your stories because I can relate, I was always inventing patterns, then the trouble began!

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