You are making your dress for the wedding?

So I had not realized it had been half a year.  Funny how things can easily slip from your mind.  Well I will do my best to share some projects not sure it will matter.

First I will start with my shiny new dress.  And the use of shiny is apt with the sheen.  I believe the fabric used was crepe backed satin.  I did not bother to note it when I bought it.  That is sometimes a flaw in my projects, I fail to properly note things and time can go by before I get around to making the project.

This dress came from a dress I saw on Modcloth.  I really enjoyed the detail of the back balanced against the front.  I believe it was January of 2010 when I decided to attempt creating it.  So I found a pattern as close as I could, to at least get the fullness of the skirt.  I could not find a pattern out that would do for the top.  The necessary space to lay out the fabric to cut out the skirt and the issue of not exactly having a pattern for the top were probably the reasons the dress went on the back burner.

So come this May I get invited to the wedding of a former roommate.  It is on July 2nd and as I was thinking about what to wear, I thought hmm if I can make the dress that is the perfect match.  I was already excited about seeing Jessica get married, but it added to the excitement to have the excuse to make and wear the dress.

I finally take the time to lay out the fabric and cut out the skirt.  To set myself in the right direction with the top part, I make a mockup of the foundation pieces using the top part of the pattern as a guide for sizes and muslim.

From there I go on to try to get the top pieces for the pattern set.  I change over to the crepe backed satin and find with the thickness the gathering will not hold throughout the center of each piece and so I have to switch to pleating.  That probably caused me to sit back into my seat and think it over for at least 5 minutes.  So with this thick fabric I test out the highest iron heat allowed on a scrap and it is definitely not hot enough to enforce pleats.  Well maybe if I was willing to devote 15 minutes to pleat it could have gotten there.  But I was not willing to.  Instead I look around for advice on the internet and decide to try starch.  I even go out of my way to bike to Whole Foods early the next morning (it was a Saturday) to buy the organic type.  Of course there is not any at that Whole Foods, so I went with the less environmentally friendly type from Walgreens.  Why, because I was on a mission; also I had more faith in the ozone killing kind, I was just willing to try the other kind first.  For your information, spraying generously with starch and waiting for it to dry fixed the how to pleat the material problem.

So with many attempts to make the pleats perfect I finally get to the part where I am going to sew the pieces all together.  It is now 3 days before the wedding.  I had already attached the front to the midsection and was trying to determine the proper angle for the back slashes.  It was then I realize that on the two front pieces the pleats are going the same direction and not mirroring each other.  I do not even waste the brain energy on figuring how I could have been working for a couple weeks on these pieces and not have realized it.  Instead I suddenly cannot find the seam ripper, so I focus on that instead. And hoping that the material will work in the opposite direction, so I will not have to restarch and repleat.

Luck was with me, and then I move on to making it fit perfectly.  At first the front touched where it hit the midsection, but that did not encourage it to curve in the right manner.  And it was a little difficult to work on the back section, a point when I wish I had a helper.  I double folded the hem to make it neat and hand stitched in the zipper so there would be no seam.  I did the zipper on Friday and then am ready to add the hooks.  This is when I find that with straightening up my room, I do not know where they are.  I decided to get sleep and just pick up some more in the morning.  As you can see I hooked the back pieces together and above the zipper.

And that is how the dress came to be.  I wore is successfully to the wedding.  And here is a picture of me with the beautiful bride.

I titled the post because I mentioned to a friend that I was working on my dress for the wedding and he was aghast at the idea.  I could not believe I have known someone for any length of time and they would give me such a response.  I replied with yes and I made the dress I am currently wearing, most of my dresses I have made.  After I finished the dress I shared the photos and was told that he knew someone growing up who made her own cloths and she always looked frumpy.  I don’t think this dress looks frumpy.

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4 Responses to You are making your dress for the wedding?

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  2. Eva says:

    Most definitely NOT frumpy.

  3. Stacy says:

    WOW you are my idol! It turned out AMAZING! Good job

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