My sister was kind enough to take a picture of my nephew in the argyle vest I knit for him.  How did the vest come about?  Well my sister said that Trey would like an argyle vest.  I thought this over and asked would Trey like one or would his mother like him to have one.  The response was a contrite I would.  I don’t know if it was actually contrite, and it probably was not, but I will assign it that for purposes of story telling.  So anyone who knows my sister, just willingly suspend disbelief and believe she was contrite.

My love of argyle has been shared before and so I was a pretty easy mark with this request.  Plus I figure she still has a lot of control over dressing him since he is 3 (her control over getting the picture she wants will be discussed later).

I decided to use Valley Yarn Northampton since it comes in a variety of colors and is such a reasonable price.  I also decided to start knitting in the round because I like using my knitpicks options circular needles and skipping seams.  Of course once I got done the ribbing I realized that I had not thought this through.  So I rip out all those stitches and start again in two pieces.  Of course my flaw that time was to forget to bring my 6s and make the whole vest on the same size needle and not downgrade for ribbing.  Please don’t kick me out of the knitting club.  I devised this vest based on his chest size.  Both sides have argyle, because I like it that way and it is my own pattern.  I over stitched the cream lines because I found tension problems when I would only do one stitch in a color.  You can see that where the diamonds meet up.  The method of knitting was intarsia with floats.  I also got to use the nifty yarn bobbins I got from Webs.  They were only a problem when overfull, once down to the proper amount of size they worked like a charm.

So I am close to being done around Thanksgiving and decide take advantage of seeing Trey to see if the size is right.  Another flaw in my work, I used the average length for a toddler and not the actual length of my nephew who according to his mother has a long torso.  According to his aunt is abnormal, although I may have a long one too and just make accommodations for it because I can try things on all the time.  I like to blame the abnormalness.  However, I have been told by a friend that blame gets us nowhere.  I see the correctness of this statement, but not being at fault and being right makes me feel so good.  Of course driving away all my friends probably would not.  So it is not his fault he does not lie completely within the averages for toddlers.  I was wrong to rely on that assumption.  The end result was I knit two more pieces of ribbing and Kitchenered the pieces on to the bottom of the ribbing, so that the vest would not be cropped.  You think I would have learned from the blue pretzels sweater.  That has not yet been re-knit because the yarn really liked itself and it has not been successfully deconstructed yet.

I sent the vest off when I finally got back to it after Christmas knitting and sewing was done.  So my sister goes to take the picture she asks him to smile.  And here you can see her lack of control in getting the exact picture she wants.  I would say this is what happens when you take too many pictures, even the subject gets tired of it.  I think the last is my favorite.

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