A hodgepodge

I have realized that I never posted last year’s Christmas present for my sister.  It was another year of knitting up until the deadline.  I was not actually still knitting her present when she arrived at my parents house at lease.  I did however make part of my mother’s present on Christmas day and the second part was finished after.  I should probably work on my timing.  It has improved slightly as nothing was finished after Christmas this year.

So last year I made my sister a beautiful pair of socks out of Miss Babs Yummy Superwash Sock & Baby Yarn – 2 ply in Moss Monochrome.  It was a beautiful colorway.  She got socks, because I was informed after giving her a cardigan that did not fit due to pregnancy, I should give her something that would fit even in pregnancy.  And for once it was not my sister dictating the orders stated above.  Other instances show that she really took to the role of older sibling.

The pattern I chose to use was Nebula by Cookie A.  I love the way the socks mirror each other and the panels spiral around the sock.  For my sister’s socks, I did 16 of the cable repeats before starting the heel flap.  What makes the stitching define itself so well is knitting through the back for the knit stitches.  And I love that effect.

I found the pattern to be quite enjoyable and did not have that mush of a problem memorizing the stitch patterns.  Of course when I switched socks I had to make sure I learned to do the new one so that the socks would mirror.

I really loved the socks and therefore about 2 weeks after I finished my sisters I started another pair.  This time I was going to keep them and I made them out of the skein I had only used a smidge of for the Dame.  That yarn was the Miss Babs Yummy Superwash Sock & Baby Yarn – 2 ply in the Ironweed Monochrome colorway.  I would like to say that these were done shortly later, however I got distracted by other projects.  I did finally finish them by the end of May (and may have sent a petty competitive email stating I had finished before someone else).  The only difference besides color is that I only did 15 cable repeats before the heel flap.  I am against making 7 inch long legs for socks.  It just seems longer than necessary and too short to be cool enough to be knee socks.

The aforementioned gifts for my mother where a Calorimetry by Kathryn Schoendorf in Miss Babs Yowza Whata Skein in Mosswood.  That is such a neat and handy pattern.  I also made one of those for myself.  It is a nice alternative to a hat.  The other gift that I never got a picture of because it was left as a present when I had to go get a train was A Noble Cowl by Emily Kausalik.  That was also a very wonderful pattern.

To round this out without bothering too much what my mom got this Christmas was a replacement of her quilted bag.  This time Oranges!  The straps of her peapod bags were wearing out.  I forgot to bring the pattern, so used the peapod bag as a guide.  You may notice the extra sold fabric where the straps are coming down, that is because I did make the straps long enough to hit the solid fabric and refused to turn anymore fabric tubes.  Turning two quilted fabric tubes was not the highlight of my Christmas vacation.  I also defend my choice to make the bag at my parents on Christmas Eve was not because of poor timing, but the fact that their sewing machine has a table that makes it easier to quilt fabric and mine does not.

That covers many projects.  Projects not related to Christmas to follow.

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