She’s my sister and this is her Cardigan

So my Aunt Paula knits many more items for the niece and nephew than I do.  And that is fine because it takes the pressure off of me to make hats in a timely manner.  My sister has expectations of new hats each year before it snows.  She can be a bit unreasonable.

So this is a picture of Erin wearing a beautiful sweater and booties made by her Great Aunt Paula.  It was pasted on that social networking site facebook by my sister and she then commented “Now if only someone would make me a sweater like that…”.  Aunt Paula then emailed me with a link to the post and “She’s your sister!!”

I thought of a cardigan I had been meaning to make for while and some yarn I could use. The yarn was Miss Babs Yowza Whatta Skien.  I had purchased enough for a sweater in both cadet and verdigris.  I also own several unmade sock skeins.  I adore the colorways of Miss Babs.  They fall perfectly in line with my preferences.  But I realized I was getting quite a collection, and so had to stop acquiring until there was not enough to fill its own container.  The pattern was the Gooseberry Cardigan by Hannah Fettig from Interweave Knits, Weekend 2009.

When I suggested that to my aunt, she indicated that I have already made her lots of things.  But I believe my sister appreciates them.  Of course when knitting I may have been looking for her to commit an egregious sin so I could keep the cardigan.  Courtney did not mortally offend me (not even slightly offend me in a way I could dramatize to justify keeping the cardigan) and so she got it for Christmas.

I did a good job with speed on the sweater considering I started knitting the day before Thanksgiving.  I did hit some slow downs due to work days that drained me and a Christmas Stocking that had a snag, so I had to knit right up to the last minute.  And the collar of the sweater was confusing me on which side I should consider the right side.  In the end, whether it started with knit rib or purl rib was not a major deal.  Of course I decide that after undoing the picked up stitches once.  So to get the cardigan done I did with go some sleep.  But I think I did pretty well for a lack of sleep.

I am including a close up of the ribbing, because it was the last thing I did and sticks in my mind as an important part of the cardigan.

One fun part was finding the buttons.  I took my dad with me because we were doing other errands like buying food for dinner.  It was funny to see his outrage at the cost of 1 inch buttons.  In the end I got ¾ inch buttons because I could find a total of 8 in a style I liked, and that made it easier for him to watch me buy them.  In the future, I may not bring my father button shopping.

So with some light blocking on Christmas afternoon (it’s okay because they were coming for dinner) and sewing on the buttons it was wrapped for the gift exchange.  After Courtney tried it on, she said it’s like Erin’s isn’t it.  And then she asks why it is not the same color.  My response – I got for coordination and complementary, not matching.  This is also why the owls sweaters were all different colors.

This picture although fuzzy because taken in sports mode as my sister rotated, shows the sweater off better in its color and fit.

If you are curious about the snowman in the pictures, it was her idea and sometimes it’s best to humor the crazy family.  The rotating was as well.

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