A Parliment of Owls

Don’t be fooled into thinking that smile is just happily innocent.  This is what Erin looks like when my sister is holding her and moving her closer to your face.  As that happens, she will open her mouth wider to go around your nose and then begin gnawing on it.  Don’t worry she does not have teeth yet.  When I complain about it, my sister goes well you just stayed there.  I did because I was shocked at the behavior and had to witness it.

But to talk about the real reason I put the picture up it was to show the sweater off.  Aren’t the owls wonderful.  And wasn’t that a fun color I was able to use because my sister had a girl.

What is better than simply a baby owls sweater, why another in a kids size.  Here is my 3½ year old nephew modeling the deep green version.  I used Valley Yarns Northampton for the baby and Bulky for the kid size.

What would make the picture even more complete, and adult version for my sister (also in bulky).  This one I could test the size of by trying it on, and once I did that my hope was that she had thinner arms than me.  The sleeves fit, but the stitches were pulled very tight around the bicep.  It was not attractive.

She put them all on for our trip to the pumpkin patch.

She also claims that my brother in law would like one as well.  She has told me this several times.  My response – “Until I have it in writing with a signature that he will wear it, I will not make it.”  I figure this will never happen, since I have heard him in the background when on the phone with her saying vehemently “No I do not.”

In case you are wondering, in total there were 86 buttons found and sewn on.  Yes, it was monotonous.  But worth it for the end result.

And this is what I did with my pumpkin with some help from a very handy assistant.

It’s Jon Stewart.

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