A chic (snug) sweater

So I went to the Rally to Restore Sanity/Fear.  The main reason I went was because I had a guest who really wanted to go.  Also since I was going to be in the area that weekend and a large percentage of people were talking about going, I figured why not.  As you can see there was not a great desire on my part, more circumstances.

So we go to get the metro later than intended, but at least got to start the day off with pancakes.  So the metro was of course very backed up (not the worst I saw that day though).  So we walked to the Mall, made our way up the crowd, but never could see that much.  Heard enough and then went on to find lunch.  This was of course also a trial (redirected many times and finally walking a roundabout route to Gallery Place).  Then checking out the metro to ride back to my place, found that the turnstiles were actually closed for periods of time (I have never seen that).  Later that night at a Halloween party other attendees were talking about how they were torn between the feeling they should be there and the thought of watching it from their homes and actually know what was going on.  I responded that it was funny because I have absolutely no urge to be there in such an event.  I hate crowds, it is a hassle to get there and leave, and you usually are so disassociated.  I did enjoy the signs and when standing in the crowd brought out my knitting to work on.  I mean it was not going to distract me from the event, just occupy the moments when waiting to try to hear something.

What I was working on what my Breton striped sweater.  I had cast it on originally in Amsterdam, but even though I did the calculations over and over in my head I ended up with it way to wide to be a shaped sweater with about 2 inches of ease.  Since math was not working for me when in Paris I just lopped off about 40 stitches and ended up with a snug sweater instead.  For the hems I would knit 3 rows and then purl, knit 2 rows and then on the next row pick up the cast on edges.

I finally finished the sweater this weekend (other projects came up) and here is the final result.  Sorry no pictures of the crowd at the rally, just didn’t know how interested anyone would be in peoples’ heads.

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