Kangaroos a hopping

So Blue Pretzels as I named it, which was the Sherwood Pattern made in the Sapphire Heather colorway of Wool of the Andes, will be unraveled when it returns to its birthplace. Why, because apparently the style my nephew wears does not include midriff bearing sweaters. There is no problem in the width, because the ribbing pattern gives it a wide range of widths. After a suggestion by my friends that I could wear it as a tube top (the body was knit from the bottom up in the round) I decided to test that theory and found it to be true. I opted not to document this. So the sleeves are too short too. I made a 2T because the options were 2T or 4T for the smallest size. It’s have when he will turn 3 in April.

Also I heard when he put it on he yelled “It’s scratchy”. I asked Courtney was it really that scratchy, because the heather colorway felt a little rougher than the other colorways I have knit with, but I did not think that it was intolerable. She told me that he can be dramatic and gets that from his father, which I scoffed at.

But she tells me he does like his new hat. See since he did not need a new hat, it took me a while to get around to it. Especially since I kept either knitting it the wrong size or decreasing too early to make a very pointed hat. The last time I got it right, and it only took an afternoon to knit the hat. I did a picot edge because I grew enamored with the edge when I made my kilthose (which will be discussed next). Then I did an overstitching of kangaroos. I chose that because my sister showed me a hat with penguins on it that she liked. I thought it was cute, but nothing that drew me. Penguins did not seem that pertinent for Trey. I then thought of kangaroos and the stuffed animal that I had gotten him from Australia. It was a kangaroo with a joey head attached by a string to the bottom of the pouch. Apparently one time, Joe was going up the stairs and heard him say uh-oh. The joey had become disconnected.  So maybe not kid appropriate.  The kangaroos were also inspired by the awesome decoration on the Australian embassy at Christmastime.  I was flattered when Courtney said she did not realize the kangaroos were overstitched.

Joe apparently thought it was dinosaurs, while Trey was clever enough to figure it out immediately. Although when I got home and was a little tipsy and saw what Joe had said about the hat I could see it.  Of course the dinosaur I see is the one from Jurassic Park that totally decimates someone.

In other news I stumbled on the site Mint, and find it so helpful. It will pull information from all my accounts, well not all of them. I guess its understandable that First Savings of Perkasie is not available. The only issue is this week I wanted to update the credit card account that requires I answer two questions before accessing the account and I could not remember the correct way to answer. Such as if asking my about my first car did I put the make and mode or just the model. It’s a very annoying process considering it is only used for ezpass (another headache). Well that’s enough for now.

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