So time for another thing I will not wear. In the future I may give something to my sister that I ask for visiting rights on. By that I mean, when I visit I have the right to wear it. Is that considered against the spirit of giving. Maybe. However I will put it this way I am giving 90% of it. Well that is not the case for the project I am currently sharing. Not at all.

I am happy with the outcome of the project. But the feeling it caused during the creation are not soon forgotten, and therefore I have no interest in being in contact again. I cannot even explain why it caused such strong feelings. It started mildly enough, just the tedium of garter stitch. I almost at all times hate garter stitch. The only reason I was so in love with The Dame was the way the texture looked in that beautiful purple. Plus it was seemed tight because of the needle size. This was not the case with DFLS. F for February, L for Lady, and S for sweater. The D will not be defined here.  The February Lady Sweater has been knit many a times over. And while some people whip them out quickly, I had more slow going.

I bought the yarn back in May knowing what it would be (DFLS) and who for (my sister) and when it needed to be done (for her birthday November 2). See how far in advance I was. I was working to be more timely about gifts (working on it, still working out some kinks as you will find out when I discuss my most recent projects). So 6 months should be enough. I started shortly after I bought the yarn, Brooks Farm Mas Acero in what I thought when I saw it was Courtney’s color (read about this at the end of the post), at the Maryland Sheep and Wool. Sidenote – why does noone trust me when I say I’m not going this year. So I started and then after what felt like a while, but was not enough to be done the section, I got distracted by the Andromeda Shawl. And that just made the garter stitch worse. I really loved working on Andy and absolutely hated BFSL. So I think it was the comparison that upped the level of feelings.

So time goes by and I realize I should be working on the cardigan again if it will actually be done on time. So I get back to the garter stitch. I am separating to the sets of stitches to make sleeves and am having a incredibly difficult time at it. It was at knitting groups so finally Ashley agrees to count for me. When she hands it back I look at the directions again. Now the directions have been giving me trouble. Not anything wrong with them, I just was not connecting. Also I kept losing or ruining them by existing in an area where it rained a lot and I had yet to replace my umbrella. I swear I probably went through at least four sets, when two is my norm. So once I was handed back the project and reread the instructions I realized I had neglected to increase properly, misinterpreting the words of others. They just increased without eyelets, both avoided increasing altogether. I believe I was also frustrated by the as necessary to add x stitches between y number of stitches. I like a “add ever xth stitch” better. Now Ashley was also frustrated because I had wasted all her effort counting as a ripped back a portion.

One day I finally knit far enough for the DFLS to reach under my armpit. This is where things began to go more quickly. The lace pattern adds inches in much less time. So soon I was onto the sleeves. Once again I hit a snag. As I was one inch into the first sleeve I realize I was knitting it so the patter would be on the inside. Now when I added the second, you think I would not make the same mistake. Of course, by that sentence I set up the understanding that I did. I only got about two rows before realizing that time. I made the sleeves to the elbow, incase the yarn stretch as much as some of my friends when blocking.

So it comes to the a few days before my sister’s birthday and the DFSL has been done for a week or two. Well it was done, but not blocked, no ends woven in, or buttons on. For that I of course wait for the day I need to send it (well the blocking happened the night before). So at work I am in the bathroom sewing on the buttons, and I get several compliments. But it got there in time and opened early because she claims she thought it might have something wrapped for Trey. Unlikely.

Of course when I came up with the plan was before the pregnancy. And even after it only button at the top. But still pregnancy changes a body and so the sweater does not currently fit. See how my sister ruins everything. I can provide a list if asked. And then I was told by friends that for Christmas I had to knit something that fits and not something I knew was awesome that would not.

But the DFSL is finished and should fit after the baby, so now all that is left is to decide whether I will make one of my own or avoid that and choose another pattern.  Not yet decided, sometimes I think I like torture and insanity because I do like the way it turned out.

Oh yes Courney’s color.  Well one day I left the computer room to either fetch food or go to the bathroom.  I was signed on to instant messanger chatting with my friend Zach.  Courtney then wrote pretending to be me “my sister has found her color”.   She was so excited that she had to share it.  Not that she could show him the color or I think he cared.  It is a light mix of purple and blue.

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