Another trip to previous days and projects

So I believe I said I would discuss how wonderful my Saturday was. Well I better do it before the days get to the point where I have to specify which Saturday. Not last Saturday but the Saturday before and such. Well its still the case where I can say last Saturday and leave it at that.

Last Saturday, being the first Saturday of December, was the Alexandria Scottish Christmas walk. Last Saturday morning was a day of rain, sleet, slush, and thank goodness finally snow. Do you think I would let miserable weather keep me from multiple bagpipe bands (which I can only see at most twice a year)? I don’t think you did believe that. So I did layers. I had on my knee socks then my biking tights, and then jeans. I had on a long sleeve shirt, then a sweater and then my coat. Sadly only one layer of gloves and one hat on. And an umbrella. That kept it from being absolutely miserable. And although the crowd was sparser than I saw last year, the parade was still respectable in size and quality. I give you this picture so you can imagine the experience.

So the project I finished before The Dame was a sweater for my nephew. I hope he will not be overjoyed when he no longer is the sole recipient of my children’s knitting (especially now that there is to definitely be a long awaited for girl). I don’t know why the thought came into my head but I thought I would make a sweater in the old style football sweaters. When the sweaters were part of the uniform. I was even going to do a felted letter, but then when it came the time I could not get myself to felt something or figure out how big. So I was looking online to try to find a yarn color that was close to the Eagles green. I really was not finding anything and then going into my stash I grabbed found Knitpick’s Wool of the Andes in Spruce which seemed to me the perfect match. So then knitting in the round and using Elizabeth Zimmerman Percentage system I devised a raglan pullover. So simple and quick. I added the cream stripes on both arms, because I knew of no reason why they should be on only one and I love symmetry. And then I repeated on the neck to pull it together. I was told how cute the sweater was, and I put that down to size. I mean it is so simple it must be cute because it is small. I was very happy to hear that it did fit and was showed the results the weekend after Thanksgiving (directly after).

That weekend I also got to help my mother make Trey a bathrobe. Courtney was good enough to cut out the pattern (pinning and cutting out are my least favorite parts, well except maybe ripping out a seam but that is not a guaranteed step). The fleece was bit annoying to work with because of the thickness. Oh and why would I point out that she was good enough, because it was all her idea. As usual, she thinks of the project and then gets others to do the work. I cannot believe I do such things for a person who has at times referred to me as a monkey baby (the picture might explain how such a thought came into head).

That weekend I also made this Gingerbread Apple Upside-Down cake, another recipe discovered through Smitten Kitchen (it’s the pictures that do it). The cake was quite delightful, although not as tempting as the apple pie (two kinds of apple was a new twist which I liked). But a great dessert when not being compared. Now I just need an excuse for the vanilla roasted pears.

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