The Dame

So its been a long long time. Not for any good reason, so might as well move on and distract you from that thought. What thought you say, well any thought of me in a less than flattering light. Though I am doing pretty well right now because the Whole Wheat Apple Muffins I made and brought to work are getting rave reviews. In fact it was suggested to put one into a squeeze tube for consumption (which I think is a very big compliment).

I have finished a few projects and started a new challenge that is on hold while gifts are made. If you think you are receiving a gift maybe I just decided to give myself gifts for Christmas knowing I would be appreciative. (I don’t want anyone to get beyond their expectations. So I will start with the latest finished project first and work my way backwards because I never took a finished picture of one project which was sent off.

The Dame as I have taken to calling her. What is she? A shawl, the pattern in the Damson by Ysolda Teague. I knit her up in the beautiful purple monochrome of Miss Babs “Yummy” 2ply sock and baby yarn. The pattern calls for the use of Malabrigo sock yarn that comes in a whopping 440 yards. I knew from other peoples stories that it was not a pattern to think maybe it would not use the whole skein. The Miss Babs comes in 400 yards skeins. So I wisely (yes I have patted myself on the back for this) bought two skeins, knowing I would have enough left to make a pair of socks even if I was forced to break into the second skein. There are 109 rows to the shawl and I finished the first skein mid row 107. But the extra yarn was definitely needed, because for the looping border you make double yarnovers and then the next row you knit through the front and back of each yarnover. So you go from in the 300s to 500s for the number of total stitches. That is a lot to bind off, if you were wondering.

I enjoyed the Damson greatly. Surprisingly the garter stitch rows did not annoy me in tedium as with my sisters birthday present, partly because of the increases and partly the beauty of the fabric being worked up. A relatively easy pattern that has a beautiful product. This week I have been using The Dame as work and left Andy to rest.

Well that’s all for now, I will share the joy of the rain/snow in my next post.

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