Perfect Timing

So this post has been a long time coming. I believe I promised to put it up last week and still it was not started until a moment ago. A moment of my time of course, which is quite different then a moment ago of your time because you probably will not read this the minute I post it and of course it will not be posted until complete – which will be more than a moment from now.

Sorry for the digression, I sometimes get on a through process and feel the need to fully lay it out to see if others appreciate it. So I finished my playoff sweater with plenty of time. I finished it last Wednesday the same day that the Phillies because the 2009 National League Champions. The day that allowed them to play in the World Series, and timewise I did not even need that. I was happy with the way the sweater turned out when blocked. Of course the weather turned to more comfortable and therefore I cannot yet wear it.

DSCN2872Like the previous sweater it was made by knitting two strands at once. This means bigger needles (10.5) and when I started the newest project I felt like size 6 were so tiny. Can you imagine if I tried to make socks, I would be complaining constantly. I knit the entire sweater in the round as suggested by Jared Flood’s article in the Fall and Holiday 2009 issues of Vogue Knitting. I was happy with the process and the second magazine came just as I had gotten the second sleeve to the proper length, so perfect timing. The only issue came about in the appearance of the decreases DSCN2874because of the thickness of double held yarn. Ashley said she thought the seamlike decrease should be about an inch and that is why I thought it looked funny. Also I did not bind off the collar (which is fun and was created through wrapping and turning) loosely enough and may have to try the new technique written up in knitty when I get around to it.

This time I was smart enough to use Lucy my dress form for the blocking and that also made it easier to take pictures.

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