Right on track

DSCN2836So a little more about the Marilyn sweater before I move on. I realized I talked about the divots but did not show (or attempt to show what I meant). So here goes my attempt.

DSCN2839[3]Also to talk a little more about my favorite new addition to the wardrobe (no I have not worn it twice in one week, this is just the way I refrain from that.) You will notice the ribbon, which I got because I knew how well a pale blue and maroon look together. I was told it was called salmon when I bought and first thought okay, why? But after a bit of examination I could see why. I love the tinge of yellow on one side. I wore the sweater last Monday and at the bar was told that I probably route for the redskins because I like the color maroon. I said actually I’m an Eagles fan and then I am told because of the green ribbon. And even if the ribbon can be considered green, it is nowhere near eagles green. I can say that definitively. Lets just say instead of arguing with the guy about how idiotic he was, I decided to stop replying to someone I had been trying to avoid conversation with, since I would never choose a team based on colors. At least not since elementary school and my awesome Mighty Ducks Starter Jacket.

So last night the Phillies won against the Rockies and moved on to the National League Championship series. I also finished 13 inches of the sweater body and started on the first sleeve of my playoffs sweater. So currently the timeline appears to be doable. Although this weekend I flirted with a new project, it did not easily flow and I remembered that it was nice to get things finished. So I decided to try this sweater in the round, even though it was written in pieces after reading an article Jared Flood wrote in Vogue knitting. I was annoyed that the article was in two pieces and hope I will get the next issue before I finish both sleeves. But if I don’t, I will figure it out myself or find an alternative source on how to do it.

DSCN2861This sweater is also knit double stranded and on even bigger needles (10.5s instead of 10s). I actually wound two skeins of the yarn at the same time, which was not as genius as I thought. It either stretches one of the skeins more to make it uneven, or they are not close enough in length, or a combination of the two. Over all, it is progressing nicely.

And my Aunt suggested that I was into purple currently, I see it more as maroon.  But thing back to the sweater, we all see colors differently.

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One Response to Right on track

  1. Paula says:

    I think it’s my monitor because they both look purple.

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