Got the rest of the pattern

So I was able to get the rest of the pattern for the sweater and was so very happy. I immediately went to work knitting away. It was interesting because the way I did the decreases for the bust gather (and I’m not saying I did not follow the pattern directions, just my execution may be a factor or perhaps my bust may be a factor in the fit) there are two divots. Like when you begin to push a staple remover into a piece of paper before the puncture.

But the sweater knit up beautifully Ialthough I feel the picture makes it look frump, that is not the case), I was a little sad I could not make the sleeves any longer. I thought about getting another skein. However, there is a problem with the skeins being 560 yards and priced accordingly. After wearing, I have decided that elbow length is fine. Not what I had in mind, but does not lessen my enjoyment of the sweater.

DSCN2839Blocking it was interesting because it was knit in the round, but necessary because the bottom was curling severely. I do not remember blocking anything that was knit in the round previously, and therefore had to plod through that.

Like I said I am very happy with the way that the sweater turned out. I then turned to work on the next project I had recently bought yarn for (although I have many ideas in my head, I am trying to work with what I already have, so that the ideas that have had money spent on them do not languish and die leaving me with large amounts of yarn and no plan. I love plans.

I have indeed started a new project. A project that depending on the whim of the sports deities will be finished before the end of the Phillies season. If not, I will still consider it my playoff sweater. But I will tell you more about that later.

The final thing I wanted to share was I am noticing a trend in my projects made for myself. Anyone else see it?


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2 Responses to Got the rest of the pattern

  1. Paula says:

    Are you into purple??

    Love the sweater. They always fit so nice.

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