I want the next page

So sometimes I have projects with deadlines. And as has been shown before sometimes I think about the project far enough in advance, but still do not manage to work on it the appropriate amount of time. That is not currently what is going on. Although I may have gleefully pushed aside a project for the Andromeda shawl (I call her Andy and love her – it’s a pink shawl and must be considered female). But once that once done I set down the law realizing months had elapsed since a project was started, and therefore should get back to it. So I made myself only knit one thing. I was allowed to think about knitting other things, but no cheating.

Of course that rule got amended, and it was once I was done the body I could start one other project. I really thought it would be Nancy Bush’s Kilt hose. I had finally found my new set of dpns. The reason they were so hard to find were that they were not in any of the knitting supplies containers, or the sewing supplies containers, but in the other craft bin. When telling someone about this, they seemed overwhelmed and I explained I have a big closet. The other craft bin holds supplies for quilling and various other ideas of how else to create things.

Mis BabsWhat I started instead was the Fibrespace Marilyn pattern with Miss Bab’s Yowzza Whatta Skein. I joined friends at Fibrespace on Labor day and when doing my customary wander of the store I saw the beautiful plum colored skeins and then the sweater. Although the pattern was not out yet (it was indicated that it would be in another week or so), Danielle suggested trying on the sample to figure out the size and therefore how much yarn would be needed. Although I was desiring to start the project right away, it was for the best that I could not, since it would break my rule.

Of course I was getting closer and closer to being allowed to cast on another project. So when at Fibrespace last Thursday to knit and watch Dirty Dancing, I went to ask Danielle about the pattern. I tried not to whine, but share how excited I was about the yarn and the pattern. What this got me was the 1st page – up to the bottom of the armpit. Happily I went on my way.

I’m not happy anymore. Last night I was forced to return to the less satisfying project. Which on the one hand is good an all, because it does need to be finished. Also the weather suddenly decided to get into the eighties again and therefore a three quarter sleeve sweater is not quite practical. But I do not hold the infatuation for the other project, I don’t think about knitting Marilynit when doing other things. The project crush was brief and quickly replaced by guilt and obligation. So while I knit sleeves I will just be hoping to get the next page for Marilyn who is swankily knit with two strands and you can see in the photo. The photo that does not show the right color (and after many attempts I gave up). The photo of the skein gives a better idea.

Oh and when I shared how I already knew what color ribbon (pale blue) which I know looks great because of the 1980s Phillies, I got a laugh at the store from someone not already acquainted with my love of maroon and pale blue paired together.

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