Geometric Bliss

So I had said to myself (internal conversation, not external) that I would show greater fidelity to each knitting project. Approximately an indeterminate time later (probably a week, felt like a year), I saw the Andromeda shawl and quickly abandoned the project that was killing my will to live through garter stitch. After I decided to buy the pattern, I then quickly placed an order for shibui. I had loved the way it worked through the socks I made for Karla. The funny thing about the order was the color choice. I love the color I chose, but it surprises even me that I committed to it. Just that it is not one of the normal hues I work in.

DSCN2786So the pattern was written beautifully and had many charts. I would measure the size of the shawl by comparisons, such as, head covering, scarf, skanky top, apron… You only had to work one chart at a time, which DSCN2783was nice, but each chart did get longer. I started with about 4 stitches and before the edging had 301. The problem was that my charts were much longer than my post-its and the post-its would lose stickiness. So I co-opted an idea my friend Ashley had presented of ribbon and Velcro to follow a knitting chart. I made a DSCN2784foldable backing board and proceeded to have some fun with mod-podge and fabric to make this handy creation (various versions available at my etsy shop []).

DSCN2765The shawl went along pretty easily until I took a bit of my attention away from it.  I do not know what happened, but at one point I realized that the pattern was a bit off.  At first I tried a local fix, reknitting only a small section of the shawl, but there ended up being large extra loops of yarn that way.  So I thought it through and decided it would annoy me so much that I would end up no using the shawl.  Then I ran a life line (it is the gray yarn) and ripped all the way back.  You would think after that when encouraged to put a life line in, I would acquiesce.  If you think that you may not know me.  Because I did not, but luckily it was not needed again.

So I took the shawl with me on the train ride to New York this weekend to visit friends. LB has taken up knitting (I did a little nudging that direction last year) and looked at it when it was off the needles and seemed hesitant about the size. I then said don’t worry with blocking it will spread out the yarn overs more and be a good size. So when I got home Sunday night I blocked the shawl with regular pins because I could not find my blocking pins (there is going to be a organizing session of all yarn related items and yarn this weekend). These pins are so useless the heads kept coming off when I tried to take it out. I actually realized I could add a little more size and reblocked it last night.


I love my new shawl, perfect to make the office more bearable. And knitting it was so enjoyable compared to the garter stitch madness. I love the pattern and know that was partly for the geometry, and thus I call it DSCN2804geometric bliss. And it makes me so happy unlike the fact that my laptop no longer recognizes certain usb devices. For a bit it was all of them, but of course after cleaning the registry, uninstalling the usb drivers, system restoring, the ipod works once I am at Best Buy – so frustrating. But I should not think about that and focus on the shawl.

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