Look ma, no pattern

My sister complains that I do not update enough for her to keep up with my projects. Well part of that is sometimes the projects do not give me enough to talk about. I mean what if I was to say just make the same dress pattern over and over again. Oh yeah I did do that. And because I knew I did not have an overwhelming urge to post about the 2 additional versions, I have yet to get pictures of them. Plus it is hard to get a good picture of a dress or even just something on you without assistance. Now why did I make 3 dresses from the same pattern (and why is it likely there will be more)? First the economic value, each dress cost less with the pattern cost being divided by more and the time decreased as well. Second the great fit, this is a dress that looks great on me and is so comfortable. So I made one in a brown pattern that is not as vibrant as the black and white but grows on you. The other I made in a green striped knit I found when visiting my sister for $2 a yard. Since it was striped and the pattern said to get extra for matching patterns, but failed to define what amount extra would be I just went with a lot extra and figured it could be the dress shorted into a top or something else. Turns out since it was 60” I needed no extra, but hey it was not of great cost.

Photo1DSCN2741But the dresses are not what I decided to share. What I wanted to share was what I did with the fabric I was stalking. Well I don’t consider it stalking, just visiting to remind myself of what it looked like if I happened to be in the store, but Ashley termed it stalking. When it finally came around time for a coupon, I was ready to buy it. See I loved the pattern and colors, but it cost much more than I had ever paid per yard. The problem was I had figured out what to make to not distract from Photo3the pattern on the fabric but could not find a sewing pattern that quite lived up to the vision in my head. So I took the elementary sloper Stacy had helped me make up, and mocked up what I wanted out of muslin. The mock up was of course horribly off, so I readjusted. And then with the trepidation I had when steeking the argyle vest, I cut out the pieces in the much loved material and then sewed them in the same manner of the correct mock-up. I did make a few adjustments after that and then was finished.

DSCN2742Now I’m just looking for excuses to wear it.  I used the Better Than Ezra concert (awesome, about 5 people back from the stage but failed to catch a guitar pick because of my instinct to duck when something comes flying at me) and the Fourth in Baltimore where I got to enjoy a panoramic view of the fireworks throughout the city on a balcony (could not have had a better seat especially since it did not involve getting there before dark).

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