So as the current state of my room indicates, (I’m lucky no one can see it, besides a select few) there has been more sewing. The main reason that there are spurts of sewing is that with the limited space, the machine if always out turns the room into an obstacle course. This time I finished what I believe is my first successful pair of pants. Well pants I would wear out in normal everyday use, there was a pair of drawstring pajama pants previously made.

DSCN2719So this project was started before I moved, and that was back in September. I think the fear of doing all the work and the pants not fitting, terrified me. So about two weeks ago I decided although I had picked up more fabric, I had to finish the undone projects first (if I buckle down and get ambitious, I might attack the only thought of projects that have supplies). And the glaring undone project was the pants.

So I pilfered a spare zipper (nice when you start to gain DSCN2720extra thread and spare notions) and set to work. I had used extra lining in maroon from a dress project for the pockets, since that had also not been bought. Although I did reread some of the directions multiple times I plowed ahead. And when I tried the pants on after finishing, I realized that the pants fit (this is not the case with a more recent project, oh bother)! And now all that remains is to find all the pattern pieces and return them to the envelope.

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