Great Barrier Gloves

Wow I’ve gotten busy and have not taken the time to post the many projects I have finished. So I figure now is the time to get on that. So what to share first (well I suppose something I have pictures of would be a good thing). 

DSCN2713First I will show the camisole.   Surprisingly the dropping stitches was not as fun and quick as one imagines.  The merino wool liked to stay attached in little tufts, and had to be worked out accordingly.  Instead of ribbon for the stops, I knit with double yarn and dropped the middle stitches to mimic the top.  I think it turned out wonderfully, and it fits.

And the inspiration of the post’s title, gloves!

Once again I DSCN2721have made gloves when the season is not right. Well it may not be right here in the US, but down under the seasons are opposite. (No I never figured out the counterclockwise toilet swirl because with the goal of water conservation the water levels are lower and I did not drink large quantities of water and then watch the toilet flush.)

fishSo as I shared when I was showed the gloves for Matt, Mike also wanted a pair. For measurements I held up my hand to Mike when visiting and made a mental note. I was about the same width as mine but longer fingers. Originally I was planning on a deep red and brown or black, but I could not find that in a alpaca blend of the right weight. So I instead got colors in Plymoth Suri Merino that reminded me of fish from the Great Barrier Reef.

revolutionI knit the gloves with dedication to finishing and even on a sweltering Memorial day watching the York Revolution. REVOLUTIIIOOON! What an amazing win they had. And when I am finished, I send him a message asking where to send them. He responds with amazement that I did make the gloves, which I don’t think should be so surprising since I made his brother a pair. But I have been told if I am serious, I could be his favorite cousin (I think the salt water taffy should seal the deal).

I also wanted to share with all the knitters the wonderful knitting bowl I bought from Betsy.  Her etsy site is  My wonderful bowl is blue and has two squiggles for color work.  I used it for Matt’s gloves and it worked wonderfully.

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