It’s all about the stretch

DSCN2698So something I haven’t posted in a while has been a sewing project. That’s because there has been fabric bought and grand intentions, but nothing constructed. I found a pattern I really liked when I dragged my behind to Joann’s on a goal that was latter jettisoned. So I then went over to G-Street Fabrics to get the material for the following reasons – it called for 60” and there was nothing at Joann’s in 45” that encouraged me to figure out what that would entail (I later learned as I will elaborate on further down). So I found this wonderful print, took it all home and began cutting.

When laying out the pattern pieces on the fabric, I realized because of the placement for the information on the additional type of fabric needed on the pattern envelope I had failed to buy tricot. I also realized I failed to know what tricot meant. So I looked it up, and in my gung ho manner I did not read the whole definition. I read the first paragraph that states:

Often used as a lining material, tricot fabric is a material that can be made from natural or synthetic fibers and has a unique weave that allows it to be smooth on one side while sporting texture on the other.

So I am like hey I have lining material that has texture on one side. I did not get further down the page to the part that stated the knit tendency.

So it all gets cut out, but then I realize I do not want to stay up all hours and I am likely to want to work straight through. So wisely I put it off for another day. But Wednesday I realize, I want to wear my new dress (that is still not made) to an alumni event on Thursday. So I start working on it and have fun with the slippery jersey fabric and sew it all up. Turning the tubes for the ties added to the time and at around 1:30 I have an almost finished project. So before sewing the hem I decide to try it on. And guess what, without give around the waist I cannot get it over my shoulders. And if it cannot go over the shoulders, it is unlikely to go over the behind. So utterly frustrated, I was thinking about how annoyed I got with the wording of the pattern (I kept having to reread things) and how to fix it. I then take a moment to look up tricot again and see the pertinent information about the knit which allows stretch. Ahh stretch would be nice, that would allow me to actually put the dress on.

I admit defeat and go to bed. Doing a little research the next day I find I can get fusible tricot interfacing at Joann’s. So I decide in my madness to make on more attempt to finish the dress for the event. So I go out and get the interfacing and then wait forever because the three women in front of me (all one group) are ordering some fabric from another store and have a million questions. This is how I learned that if it calls for 1 yard of 60”, get 1 3/8 yard of 45”. While that is useful information, considering the constrained time frame, I was not enjoying the wait. So I get back to the house and am furiously ripping out seams, cutting, fusing, and sewing when I hit the deadline for getting ready and of course I was unrealistic and the dress is not. DSCN2699So I throw on another dress and go out.

Some of the people were trying to convince me to stay out longer, but it being a Thursday and already lacking sleep I decided to get home. Of course what do I do when I get home, decide to finish the dress. And I did and got to bed a little after midnight. It was not perfect, the bodice was not overlapping as much as it should, so I work a tank under it. But that is now fixed and so are the pockets and I love it. I love it so much I had to convince myself not to wear it again this Friday, considering it was noticeable.

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