Dirty Vixen

So as I before mentioned I did not get much knitting done in Australia. And I have not quite gotten back into the grove of it fully, although I did attend the Maryland Sheep and Wool this weekend. That helped kick start the need in my fingers to be constantly moving.

camisoleSidenote of amusement: I was so excited on Saturday because I was awake when I woke up and tired in the afternoon from getting up so early. You see I had not had a hard time adjusting to when I should wake up and sleep, but I did feel overly tired in the morning and then hyper right before bed. So it was nice to know I was fully adjusted to being back. But considering I never woke in the middle of the night, jetlag was not that horrible.

So it was not the sunniest weekend, but that was not a surprise since someone said to me today is the sun actually out, are those blue skies. It’s been weather that reminds of my time in Erie, and that is not something I look for in a place I live. But even with the weather we trudged through, and it never rained very hard. That was saved for when I agreed to go back the next day. So I enjoy going to the Sheep and Wool, but I like to think of myself of an efficient shopper. By this I mean, I am not one to go slowly through each stall and such, partly because it gets so crowded and I don’t feel like squeezing in everywhere. So when I was done I would wait at the end and knit until everyone else was ready. I also used the knitting to occupy myself in the bathroom line. That was commented on by one passerby that there was a true knitter. No there was a girl who would have been severely annoyed if she had not been occupied by the knitting. As it was, I was able to patiently wait.

So what have I been knitting? The Vixen Camisole from Sensual Knits. Now the pattern is a lacey one with dropped stitches, however you do not drop the stitches until the band around the top. So currently the camisole looks small, small enough that someone passing by told her daughter it was a cowl up-close-detail1neck for sweater, and my friends wanted to be assured it would stretch. I have yet to make anything too small. (Gosh it took a bit to find wood to knock on.) So the pictures show a half finished dirty camisole, dirty because it was my traveling project. In the travels it touched melted Easter candy, and also almost assuredly ended up with sunscreen and sweat on it. I swear I will postpone the need to wear it immediately, and thoroughly wash it first. The blue outline is the purl stitches that will be dropped, and there are many of those.

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