Bum, bum, bumblebee, bumblebee tuna

drivingIt should be safe to share this because according to delivery confirmation it has reached its destination. Oh that brings up a tangent I need to share. So a few weeks ago I sent the package of green socks priority mail since they were already late. I also got delivery confirmation because it might not be picked up for a few days and I wanted to know that it had arrived (past mail has not always arrived). By the delivery confirmation I was able to follow its path. Riddle me this post mail-route1office. Why would you send something from (A)Arlington to (D)Lancaster via (B) Richmond and (C) Swedesboro, NJ. When I used google map for the directions I came up with a 2.5 hour driving trip changed into 8.5 hours. Visually compare the trips. Now I understand it needed to go through a hub, but would there not be a hub in Philadelphia, Baltimore, or Harrisburg. Why first Richmond? When I sent the package to my mother, it went directly to Swedesboro, NJ which makes the Richmond aspect seem like a mistake.

Okay the rant is done.

dscn23721So back in the fall I got the idea in my head to mimic tartan for a scarf. What I knew from the beginning was that it would have to be knit in the round or seamed because the wrong side was going to be a mess of yarn. Here, I present forecasted mess. I at first attempted in the round, but that ended up too tangled. I then admitted I would have to seam the scarf at when finishing. After some internal grumbling, I proceeded. It still was a hassle and I put it aside to finish some other projects. And failed to go back to it.

Then earlier this year I asked my mother what she would like as a birthday gift, socks? She turned down the socks and asked for a scarf. I had no scarf plan in mind and put the idea on the back burner. Then her birthday gets closer and closer, however I was in the middle of the socks which had their dscn24041own deadline. Yes poor planning. So I finish the socks and then think about what to do. I decided why not the tartan scarf, since I was basing it on McLeod Dress and my Scottish Heritage does come from my mother, that was one of my maternal grandmother’s clans.

dscn24061So I dragged out the few inches of scarf and reassessed. I realized I would progress most quickly if I went back to the tiny center pull balls of the diamonds blanket. So I sat down, reorganized, and proceeded. I then thought about continuing this fun for a scarf long enough to wrap around and tie, which would be long because of the thickness from the construction of the scarf. The thought was so frustrating my fingers almost rebelled and stopped knitting. Then in a brilliant moment, I decided on a keyhole scarf.

dscn24052Now to quickly share how I mimicked the tartan affect. During all rows, I was working with 3 balls of yarn, but there were 4 in total. When I needed a solid color, I would use the 2 of the same color and for the mix I would use one of each. Therefore at all times I was knitting with 2 yarns. Add that to the material being folded and seamed and you have a super warm scarf. Hopefully, not too warm. To add the red stripes, I over stitched the yarn. And the finished project is what I have entitled the Bumblebee Tartan Scarf, because while knitting it I wanted to sing “Bum, bum, bumblebee, bumblebee tuna…” oh and did at some points.

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