Bye, Bye Love

marilindaI realized as I was working on these socks at the Saint Patty’s Day Parade (how have I already been to a Saint Patty’s Parade, well Alexandria does their’s a week early), that once again I was finishing a pair of green socks around the holiday. Of course the fact that probably half of my collection of sock yarn includes some for a green, does make that more likely. Sadly I will not be able to wear them for going to ShamrockFest or next Tuesday, because they are meant for another pair of feet (hopefully they fit). It is very good that I was committed to knitting them for someone else, because I grew to love them.

The pattern is Marilinda by Cookie A.  It was well designed, especially neat to have a pattern altered to continue on the heel. That of course made the usual mindless quick heel flap take longer, but was well worth it. I really enjoyed her knitting pattern and am doing my next pair of socks from another. I hope I love those socks as much as I love these.

marilinda-detailThe yarn was ShiBui Knits sock yarn in Dragonfly.  It was quite interesting because the darker green pooled around the cuff and on the foot, but for the leg it striped. It was the perfect subtle variation of color to work the pattern in. The subtle changes gave the pattern depth. My friend Rebecca worked a pair of plain socks in the same yarn and colorway and it was fascinating to see the different ways the changes worked. Did I mention I love these socks? What if I sent a mangled up envelope with a hole in the bottom and kept the socks, not that would be wrong.

So when knitting the second sock I encountered a problem. What I encountered has been termed by my knitting group an “Ashley”. This is when somehow a nice skein or ball of yarn becomes a big tangle that requires time and patience to undo. Not I hold to the fact that this was not my fault. I put the yarn skein on the swift and wound it from there with the ballwinder I got for Christmas. The ballwinder I requested to avoid “Ashley”s. After that I proceeded to begin knitting pulling the yarn from the center and suddenly there was resistance. Okay this may be my fault, when an-ashleyI face resistance I simply pushed ahead and pulled harder and then continued on. Here is a picture of me at the parade undoing the tangle so I could get back to knitting the sock.  That is Brynn’s awsome skirt serving as a blurry background.

Well sadly I am sending these out, so bye, bye love. marilindas-side

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3 Responses to Bye, Bye Love

  1. courtney says:

    So you kept my necklace?!

  2. artsyashley says:

    No, I did not. My sister refers to when I sent her a necklace in the mail, but all she got was an empty envelope. That really was the bad luck of the necklace tearing through the envelope.

  3. karla says:

    well, as the recipient of the socks, I am glad that you sent them (even if it did take a long round-about way to get to Lancaster – and who told you I don’t regularly check my mail?) 🙂

    I don’t know if you got my txt the day I found them in my mailbox, but I LOVE THE SOCKS! And, they FIT! 🙂

    Have fun in Australia! (I am jealous!!!)

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