Okay, okay, no pom-poms

So I never did share the project I made for the baby shower back in January.  Probably because I had already made it, the Teddy Bear Suit – made into a Teddy Bear Cardigan.  The change this time was that I used Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice.  That is an acrylic washable yarn, much more mom friendly then Rowan Calmer.  I feel bad enough giving my sister something that was handwash, I could not do that to an expectant mother. I am uncertain how I feel about the yarn, at first I found it rough on my hands (which may teddylicioushave been dry since it was winter) and given oddly to the seed stitch, but I no longer can claim hatred.  All I’m saying, is that it will get a second chance.  I of course cut this close to the wire, apparently I thrive on that energy.  I sewed the ears on the way to the shower.  I had put the zipper in by machine and made a slip up when backtracking, but had to dry my hair.  So I got my father to fix it, how awesome is it to have a father who can fix simple sewing mistakes and will go to musicals with me, wouldn’t not trade him for a yarn mogul.  So here is the second version of the Teddy Bear Cardigan.

So what I really wanted to share today, was my Ski Bunny.  I decided to name the sweater that based on the picture of the Lace Yoke Pullover by Sandi Prosser in the Winter Vogue Knitting.  The pose and the sweater looked like the model would be called Muffy (that’s Stacy’s contribution) and be delighted to join Biff for a run on the slopes.  Now I am not a skier (been only once and while not a catastrophe, did not grab me), but I figure there always those girls who just spend time in the lodge. I think I could do that.  I’m not sure it would be my chosen activity either, but what a pretty sweater.

ski-bunnyWhat I found out and could have conjectured (used that earlier today in the office and was told it was a SAT word, I was thinking oh its just part of my vocabulary) from looking at the picture was, what an enormous amount of stockinette stitch in white wool, Berroco Ultra Alpaca in Winter White to be specific. What a mind numbing, bean counting excitement amount of knitting.  Did I think this when starting, no I thought look at the yoke and pom poms.

So the great thing was the sweater was knit in the round from the bottom up.  What this means is I only had two small armpit seams to Kitchener stitch at the end. I have been ski-bunny-detailinformed by the type of people who pop small children’s balloons that from the top down there would be no seams, but I am happy with what I got.  I may have to work on having less tension in my color work, but it still turned out wonderful.  I am so happy with my Ski Bunny, even though I admit I will not add the pom-poms.

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