And the hat came back

hatSo I know in previous posts, I have discussed the issue of my mother’s hat. How, she asked for a hat so I knit her one and sent it off. After it arrived she sent me an email and a picture thanking me for the hat, but it was a bit large. Yeah it turns out she was right. The reason this happened was, because it at this point I was old hat at knitting the double knit hats and did not check the gauge even though it was a different yarn. So the hat came back.

The problem with when I knit double knit hats is that the two yarns are twisted between stitches and when ripping out the stitches the yarn (which was wool) kept the twists and was going to be a massive project to undo. Of course by that time I had other projects that grabbed my interest, and then it got to be March. Once it got to be March I did not see much need for a winter hat, so it slipped my mind. Then my mom sent me an email before Thanksgiving that something she would not mind receiving for Christmas was a hat. Now I do not mind suggestions of what I make, but I am not a knitting monkey and will not knit on command. (Also I would like to ask a question of the audience, why would my sister send me a link to what appears to be an easy chefs hat sewing pattern saying wouldn’t Trey like that, when she has her own sewing machine? Just asking my opinion or making a suggestion?).

After I got over the idea of being a knitting monkey, I remembered technically I did tell my mom I would replace the too big hat. So at first I was going to make a new version of my argyle hat, but then I realized I was tired of that stitch pattern. I needed a break, I was not quitting argyle forever. I love argyle. So then I started looking around for patterns and nothing caught my eye. I decided I would like to make my own two color stitch pattern (there was a time when I did not enjoy knitting with more than one color; that has obviously passed). So I decided that I would like a pattern that was similar to a Moorish design. I am fascinated by the beautiful works of art that can be created simply by repeating geometric designs. I began to try to create such a pattern would let to questions like “What are alhambra-friezeyou doing?”, when I was working on it at the knitting group. Some designs were too complex to be translated into the limited amount of stitches, by this I mean that the circles would not look like circles. I finally found a pattern by translating a frieze pattern found on the walls of Alhambra.

After that I began knitting the hat. I used the leftover Knitpicks Merino Style in Fedora and Knitpicks Wool of the Andes in Hollyberry. The difference in weights did not cause a problem. At this time I had recently learned about color dominance and made sure to make the Hollyberry dominant.

However, I got distracted by other projects and kept forgetting to pick the hat up again, because it did not fall under stupid knitting. The socks and baseball hat could be knit without constantly looking at the chart, the hat however could not.  If you like to see the chart of the whole pattern, the pattern is available on the Pattern Page.

Of course my mom after Christmas once again inquired about the hat. I promised her that it would be finished for last weekend when I had to go to my parents house for a baby shower. Of course it ended up that I had a more pressing project, and did not pick the hat up until Saturday night. But I fulfilled my obligation and stayed up late yet again to complete the hat. Then I tried it on. It is a snug hat but definitely long enough and not too wide. I have yet to here about how it fits my mom’s head.


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One Response to And the hat came back

  1. courtney says:

    And the hat came back, the very next day, the hat came back- they thought it was goner but that hat came back the very next day.

    I may have sent you the chef hat pattern to make sure you thought it wouldn’t decrease trey’s coolness to wear it. Although if you would like to make it, it looks a little advanced for me (I see something akin to pleats at the base of the poofy part- yikes).

    I notice to mention of who got to help unwind and reball the kinked up yarn. Did you get your yarn holding bowl yet?

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