An Einstein/Rainman Project

So finally I have started on a sweater for myself. But before I talk about that, (especially considering at the current stage it is only 2 by 2 ribbing) I will discuss the projects that I had to finish first. I suppose chronological order will be best.The Phillies Throwback Champion Family Socks!

I had an idea sometime this spring or summer that it would be fun to make socks that I could label as Phillies Socks. Of course even more great would be a matching set with socks for my brother-in-law, sister, and nephew. Imagine with me a family of socks, ahh. As I thought about this I realized I did not want to make red and white socks (barber poles or candy canes), and decided that maroon and pale blue – the former color scheme for the Phillies. So then I began to think about how this would work. At first I was going to just knit from two balls of yarn in the right colors, but sometimes it is so hard to find the right colors of yarn.

So to counteract this, I decided to dye the yarn the proper colors. And I decided to dye it so that it would self stripe. I found again directions online for a warping board to section the yarn correctly but then as time got closer and I still was not certain about exactly how it worked I decided to go a different route. But before I could make my contraption, I first needed to know the amount of yarn for each section. I wanted there to be even rows, even when there were more stitches on for the heel. So I started making a sock to determine the amount of yarn in a row. Then I turned it over to the fun of math. I determined the amount of yarn per stitch and figured out how much was needed for each set of rows and also for the heel to all be one color.

Then I needed find a way to measure out those lengths. At first I tried to just measure out the yarn by hand and make loops. That unsurprisingly turned into a big mess of tangled yarn when I realized it was not going to work and step-11tried to rewrap the yarn. So then I decided that with some wood and dowel rods I would be able to make something to easily wrap the yarn around. So I figured out all the distances I needed spokes at and made my adjustable wrapping tool.

step-2I next proceeded to wrap the yarn in the appropriate intervals. After that I tied figure eights around the yarn. And then next I repeated the process. After that I lay the two skeins next to each other and attached them with figure eights.

step-3Next I prepared the Jacquard Acid Dye diestock using Vermillion and Sky Blue. For the later I used less than the prescribed amount in order to achieve the pale blue. I put each in a mason jar and then dipped each half of the skeins in each accordingly. After that, I step-5place the yarn on cellophane, wrapped it up, and rolled it up. I let it sit for 15 minutes and then steamed it for half an hour. After it had cooled, I rinsed the yarn and place is on the drying rack outside.

step-6Once dry, I place it back on the wrapping tool, reskeined it, and then wound it into balls. Then I proceeded to knit. I as usual had constrained my project time and even knit while walking to join my friends for dinner. Why did I bring this up, oh for the amusement factor. The yarn was wound in an egg shaped ball and for some reason when I was a block away from the restaurant fell out of my purse. I of course did not realize right away and completeproceeded to continue walking about 15 yards. Then I saw what had happened and had to back track to find the ball. I was running behind schedule and once picking up the errant ball I proceeded back in the original direction with a loop of loose yarn trailing behind me as a rewrapped the yarn.

So that was all the week before Christmas. I still had another pair of socks to go. So I repeated the process this time figuring out the requirements for a pair of men’s size 11 socks.

Then came the Christmas celebration. And I will admit that my brother-in-law opened a package with only one sock and a note. The note said something along these lines:

Now you may be wondering about why you only have one sock. Well I decided that instead of you only getting a gift every other year*, that instead you would get half a gift each year. Just kidding, the other sock is not finished yet and you will receive it soon.”

*Previously I had a discussion with Courtney and Joe about how it was unfair that I only got one gift from the pair of them, while they each got a gift. Joe concurred that it sounded fair. However, gifts are not actually about getting equal value and that is not the appropriate spirit, so I never enacted the plan.

Don’t worry the sock was finish late Saturday night, and since they came up on Friday it was only a day and half late.


How were they received, enthusiastically which means there will be more 21months-022socks in the future. My sister provided me with a picture displaying the socks. She included the bare toddler feet to point out that I am still short of pair to reach the family definition. I know I know, but I have yet to dye yarn for the pair.

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4 Responses to An Einstein/Rainman Project

  1. Melissa says:

    Those are so cute, Ashley!

  2. Eva says:

    Have I told you lately that you are a freakin’ genius. I mean, really.

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  4. Brook says:

    I’m amazed, I must say. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s equally educative and entertaining, and let
    me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head. The problem is
    something not enough folks are speaking intelligently about.
    Now i’m very happy I stumbled across this during my hunt for something concerning this.

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