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So it’s been quite a while since I shared anything. I have been expanding my skill set and not wanting to share the process of the creation of gifts for people who look at the blog. My sister absolutely wants to be surprised with her gifts. So I figure even if I claim the sock are for someone else, she may guess that they are for her if it is near her birthday and the colorway is one she loves. This was the case with the socks I made for her birthday.Now I started with excellent intentions of being ahead of the game (of course that did not last). I bought the yarn at the end of July when up in Philadelphia. What I learned from my trip to Philadelphia yarn shops was that there is an excellent supply of Koigu  (Rosie’s Yarn Cellar  and Loop). As usual when exposed to the beautiful colors of yarn piled, I spent some time just making sure I had a good overview of what was available. After that I began to look closer at the color ways that sparked my interest. That is when I saw and orange and browns color way, most likely P338. Anyone who has witnessed a good selection of my wardrobe and yarn choices for myself knows that oranges do not fall into my preference. However, the yarn did seem like something my sister would really like. This is the girl who had me make an orange cardigan (which will be talked about in the future) which I had to tell myself a couple times when knitting that of course she would like it, she choose the yarn through the usual process. (The usual process being I send her images of the yarn color choices in order to find the exact one she wants. This involves multiple emails and I’m to sure if she gets annoyed, but there are so many variations of a color, I don’t want to make something in deep purple when she wanted violet). But even I loved the colors working though the sock yarn, just not to wear.

So I originally saw the Interlocking Leaves pattern in Knitty’s fall issue and decided to use it for her socks. So I cast on the toe stitches and begin knitting. This was September and her birthday is November 2, so plenty of time. Unfortunately, my mind and the pattern were not a good match, the problem being my brain not the pattern. I had to try about 10 times before I could successfully knit 3 rounds without issue. And this is not just because I started it at a bar (the time where the “I can’t believe you are knitting in a bar” story comes from, if you want to here that wait to you see me in person so you can hear my attempt of an Irish accent), because it was the afternoon and I only had one beer. I finally get it going a bit, still frustrated, and I look at and realize I do not like how it looks. So I decide to take a break for a few days and reevaluate.

dscn2150Of course the decision to scrap that pattern was made shortly later. However, I did not have a definite plan of what pattern to use in place. And when trying to decide that, I got distracted by other knitting projects. Knitting projects that had definite plans. Knitting projects that were argyle and enraptured me. So I let my good intentions slide until it was a little over a week to my sister’s birthday. Now one time I did not give my sister her gift until February, and I really don’t want to become known as constantly late. So I decided to translate the leaves stitch pattern I am using in my still not completed (maybe it is best to plan the whole article before starting) from Vogue Stitchionary I into patterns for the leg and knit the foot regular. And with those plan off I went. Luckily the stitch pattern was easy for me to remember and did not require too much concentration. So I knitted on the metro and bus, I knitted while walking, I knitted while reading (yes I can do that with a hardback book), I knitted while waiting in line, I knitted while watching television, and I of course knitted at knitting 19m0nths-053group. It is a good thing that I can multitask. And do you know what, I managed to send the socks on Friday to arrive Saturday and she got them on time. The good news is they fit and she can wear them for Tangerine Tuesday.  As you can see by the picture my nephew no longer just wants to remove his own socks, but also others.

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