The one where I am all matchy matchy

hatSo another hat I made before my mother’s, the reason I started with that thought was I had a conversation with my sister on Sunday and told her about the process I was going through and she interrupted me to ask if Mom was ever going to get a hat. Well yes theoretically she is going to get a hat. I say theoretically because until completion, who really knows. This other hat I was talking about was for me. Because I was walking to the metro one day in late October and my ears were cold. Now I did already have a nice warm hat, but it failed in one way. What way, oh it did not match my snazzy new vest.  So I took the stitch pattern from Eunny Jang’s Deep V Argyle Vest and used it on a beanie style hat. I was uncertain how to handle the decreases and was thinking about going with the blue, but the opinion of the three knitters I asked when considering this was to go with the brown, since the ribbing was in brown. So I listened, because why else would I have asked. The hat is not quite perfect. I might unknit a little to make it tall enough to cover my whole ears. Right now it leaves the bottoms of the lobes uncovered. On the really cold days, this is not desirable.

fingerless-gloves-pairSo what more could a girl want? Oh I know fingerless gloves for her cold work place and so she can knit when outside and its not so cold that all skin should be covered. And would it not be wonderful if they matched her snazzy new vest and clever new hat. Oh yes, oh yes indeed. I was asked on Thursday what pattern I used, I was like none. I knitted some, hat-and-vestthen slipped my hand through and figured out how much further to the thumb, then how much further to the fingers. Oh and when I say fingerless gloves, I mean they have half fingers. Otherwise I would call them fingerless mitts. When I got to the fingers, I placed the work in progress on my fingers with only two dpns spilling the stitches and then shoved other dpns in the crevices to figure out where to split the stitches. I then made figure eights with a circular needle. The figure things out as I went method worked pretty well, and I am quite happy with the results.  And yes maybe now I do need a short break from argyle (a short one).

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One Response to The one where I am all matchy matchy

  1. karla says:

    snazzy! love the colors, love the argyle, love the style, want one of my own! i know, i know, i gotta send you my measurements.

    on another note, have you checked out my blog recently? 🙂 you will laugh!

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