steekingOkay so I guess the next project I should post about it my new favorite addition to my wardrobe. When I last talked about the vest it was on the verge of being steeked. Now steeking is a fearful process at least the first time it is done, because it involves cutting the garment. Cutting seems like an awful idea, won’t it unravel. Well not if done properly because first there is a crochet chain added to the steek stitches to prevent such a horrible occurrence. So I decided to steek when in the Starbucks for the bright lights and moral support. As you can see I am carefully concentrating when cut-up1making the tiny snips.  On the other side you can see how deep the cuts went and just looking at it again is slightly terrifying.  But its okay because it turned out wonderful.

After I finished that, all I had left to do was the ribbing around the armholes and the collar. Smooth sailing to the finish line, right? No of course not. Because with 7 rows left of the collar I ran out of the main color yarn. I hate it when I follow the directions exactly for how much yarn and I run out. Not only that, I ended up with and extra skein of the contrasting color. It was just really annoying because I was so close to being finished and I already had the idea of wearing it in my head. Since I was using the wonderful Merino DK from Knit Picks, it was not like I could run to the yarn store and pick up the extra yarn immediately. No I had to wait the shipping time. Luckily Kate was nice enough to add my request to her order so I did not have to pay shipping and have her wonderful boyfriend drop it off at finitoher work so it was brought to the next knitting group. And then finally I finished the vest. And let me tell you it makes me so happy. I have already worn it several times, and it will be my thanksgiving outfit and for Scottish Walk. When wearing to a gathering where other knitters were, I was petted. But I understand, it is lovable.

I have to say the pattern was amazing other than the issue with yarn quantity that could have something to do with me or Knit Picks. It was a great way to learn fair isle knitting, steeking, and knitting the round. Things that go well together.

In other news, the new living situation is great. My room is a nice blue and that makes me happy. I have a great size closet to hold my craft supplies. Oh my how the tupperwares have multiplied. My new roommate Angela is great to talk to, she also lived Erie for a brief period which is odd. She also will go to Smithsonians with me. I must say the Native American Museum was a bit disappointing to me, maybe I expected the wrong things. The other two roommates I don’t see that much, but we are having a roommate dinner (Angela and I’s idea) this weekend, so that will give a chance to get to know them a little better.

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