Tis the season for…

hats!!!  Don’t worry I won’t say the other words yet.

too-bigSo my sister says things to me like, “Trey’s ears are getting cold,” or “You are lucky it has been warm this week.” Yes I have been a neglectful aunt letting it get to the middle of the November before sending off what will become his annual hat. Hey he did not get last years hat until December 24th, so if we extrapolate a very tenuous conclusion considering the small data set, next year he might receive it before he needs it. Of course my mom technically never got her hat last year because it did not fit (it was about 4 inches too big) and then I still have not gotten around to reknitting it. So it depends if we add other people’s hats to the data set of not, and if we do, mid November is pretty good.

So there are a few legitimate reasons for the timing. One being that when I first knit the hat in October, it turned out a mite too big. As you can see it easily fit on my head. Now my sister will tell you that Trey has a big head, but I believe it is not horribly out of proportion to his body. He is not one of those large headed aliens. So I down graded the needle sizes to make a smaller hat. The second road block was my sister’s birthday, which I had all planned out and started the present early, I then decided to go a different direction and ended up in a time crunch. Yup just the universe righting itself. Also other things came up, like a World Series and a parade. What is better than a parade. If I had to choose between a highway named after me and a parade, I’d go with parade. The third issue was that I could not figure out the right way to do the overstitching and then in order to give myself space to make a clear headed decision, I accidentally buried the hat under everything possible in my room.

baseball-hatBut now the hat is done. I was allowed to put in ear flaps, though a yarn Mohawk was ruled out. Maybe I can incorporate that when he has input in the design. And in hone of the first Phillies World Series Victory of his life and mine (hopefully not the last) I present the baseball hat.

baseball-hat-sideviewMore posts to come shortly, I have been slacking. And yes being the bad aunt that I am I did finish my hat before his, but you will have to wait to see how that turned out.

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