Matching the drapes (or more accurately the bedding and towels)

 So I have gone back to the bad ways of giving myself deadlines and flitting between projects.  I have almost gotten to the steeking on my argyle vest.  I’m terrified.  I mean cutting one’s work takes a lot of courage.  A week ago I came to the realization that I may be making a vest that matched my bath towels.  Luckily, its not the same blue.  Instead my vest will match a bath towel and a set of sheets.  Well I guess you can tell that I choose colors I like alot.

I have also started what caused one fellow knitter to look at me like I was insane, that is a scarf.  A scarf that will only be revealed if finished and it looks good.  If it doesn’t work I would rather have the knowledge of my insanity remain limited in dispersion.

So besides knitting, what have I been doing.  Watching the PHILLIES in the postseason!  I was complaining to my friend Zach about the days off between the sets of playoffs, and he goes, “No it’s good because it allows me to be a functioning part of society for at least part of the week.”  I have to admit he is right.  I fear for him if the World Series is the Sox – Phillies.  But when the setting has been right, I have knit while watching the game, just sometimes throwing it down to clap and cheer.

Also I have been packing.  I spent all of Sunday packing or going to places that sell alcohol and asking for boxes.  The liquor store yeiled larger boxes than the beer store, but it was a further walk and led to me balancing 6 boxes while walking about half a mile.  I’m sure it was funny to anyone watching.  I made a pile of books to give away, and even suceeded in pawning one off that night. 

Oh and I have been to the Maryland Renaissance fair with Stacy, not once but twice.  Both times I was lacking sleep when deciding to go, but that does not make it a bad decision.  Impaired decisions don’t always end up tragic and painful.  It is fun because I can do some knitting, while listening to bagpipes.  Yup bagpipes, argyle, and tartan, I love Scottish things.  Stacy know the band the Rogues from all her years attending (she is a Rennie).  So I got to know the band and even got called up to hold a drum.  I was told if I wanted to hold a drum to go up there, and I thought in my head, I but I do not particularly want to, but Stacy encouraged it.  She also felt the need to capture it on film (or the digital equivalent of film).  Here is another picture she took when I was on stage.

Yup a butt kilt shot.  That’s Stacy for you.  So I guess I will go work on my courage, I hear a shot of whiskey may help, and finish off the vest.

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