Taking the plunge

Did you see that I added a new page?  Okay no one else may care that I put up a pattern, but it excites me.  I thought I might as well since I got a bunch of positive feedback on the blanket.  Maybe no one will care to make it, but if they do they can give me feedback and let me know if I made any errors typing it out.  I may crawl into the corner of my room and cry, but I will also try to appreciate the criticism.

Well since that was not actually argyle, I had to immediately start on the Deep V Argyle Vest by Eunny Jang.  Yes I will admit my love for Argyle.  I think it goes nicely with my deep feelings for plaid.  Did I mention I am already excited about the Scottish Christmas Day Walk in Alexandria.  Pipes and Drums, what more could I ask for.  So for this argyle the Fair Isle method of color work is used and not intarsia.  As you can see on the right is the wrong side of the vest.  It is knit in the round and will have steeking, we will see how that goes and report back.

Sadly my knitting potential was decreased by finding a new place to live (finally accomplished that last night, oh the fun of seeing if you are picked to be a roommate) and Bond.  I had to go see Casino Royale.  I just get so happy seeing Daniel Craig and his blue eyes, Stacy told me to calm down.  But with sunset being earlier, its hard to do color work.  Stacy was able to knit through the movie, but I just had to be satisfied with watching.  I planned my bathroom break perfectly for the lovey dovey parts (that were too long for a Bond movie).  I missed it all in the time it took me to navigate off the lawn across the street and into the Marriot, then back.

But I have found a place to live, so now I need to figure out moving my stuff.  But while I think on that and possibly call a family member, I will work on my vest, which I love.  Argyle makes me happy, I know I’m odd, but if you want to reinforce that point feel free.

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2 Responses to Taking the plunge

  1. paula says:

    It’s beautiful Ashley. Take a picture of it on you and post it when you finish. I like argyle but I don’t think I will try it.

  2. Kate says:

    You should post the pattern on ravelry

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