I had imagined

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.  I took a wonderful trip to Atlanta (which factors into part of this story) and have been looking for a new place to live (a fun that cannot be described).

So the saga of the blanket since we last visited it.  Now when I last showed it to you, it was just diamonds, but when I first talked about the plan it was to be argyle.  I started the argyle after I finished my other obligation a test knit sock (you’ll see it when I have a pair).  It took me a bit to realize how exactly to do it.  I realized it would work best every other row, because every row was too heavy.  So I got to work and I put my concentration into it, but you must remember I had a deadline.  It was to go to a baby shower on the 14th.  Then there was the additional time limitation of that I was flying to Atlanta Thursday morning, so that lopes off a couple more days.  I was so happy with my color choice for the lines, it was working out exactly as I had imagined.  See how great it looks.

Well I was plugging along, but what I did not imagine was how long it would take.  So on Tuesday night I told myself I could stay up until 4 am at the latest, but I needed to get at least 3 hours of sleep for work.  So I’m working away at it, and it’s getting later and later.  I just keep going.  Then around 2:30AM I look at the yarn beside me and the current state of the blanket.







As you can see, the yarn amount had dwindled and although I had got a large amount of lines done, there was still a percentage left that could prove to be more than the yarn left.  I had imagined 123 yds would be enough.  So I had to make an executive decision.  I am supposed to have the blanket done the next day and I have to work the whole day.  I cannot think of a way I could even possibly find matching yarn in the time I have and finish the blanket.  So although I love the contrast of the lines, which make it a totally different blanket I am forced to admit defeat (do not fear an argyle blanket will be made).  So I find the easiest way to remove the burgundy yarn is to snip as frequently as every loop or every other.  So I then proceed to start doing that and continue the next day.

I finally get all the stitching removed and there is a fine burgundy fuzz on the blanket where the stitches were.  I have already sewed on the flannel fabric I bought to back it, so I throw it in the wash stay up long enough to put it in the dryer and go to bed late Wednesday night.  I should be able to just take it out of the dryer, throw my last bit of packing in a bag and head out to catch my 10AM flight.  When I take it out of the dryer I find that some of the ends (not the really short ones I put clear nail polish on, but the middle length ones (about an inch and a half) which I did not weave in and only knotted have come apart.  But as you see from the picture and I realized at the time I was supposed to head out, more than just ends had come apart.  So I called my coworker and told him I would overnight it to him from Atlanta.  He was calm about it, because he trusted me to fulfil my obligation.  I was working on the aneurysm up until that point because I had to get to the airport and I had to fulfil my obligation.

So that settled I get my flight to Atlanta and make my way to downtown.  I figure out my original plan to visit Knitch will not be possible because it is far from me.  So I find the library and I get a seat at the table.  I get to work fixing the parts that came apart.  I am focused.  And I succeed.  I finish it, I macgyver link brush it with packaging tape and my hand, and I get it sent off.  Not hassle free, enough of a hassle that I wrote a complaint letter to be mailed soon.

Pattern to be available soon for any interested parties.

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One Response to I had imagined

  1. karla says:

    so sad! the argyle looked great! you’ll have the pattern perfected by the time my baby comes around, right? 🙂

    how’s the house/apt. hunting? what were you doing in atlanta?

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