192 Diamonds

To answer my Aunt Paula’s question (in case you thought I was talking about someone else’s aunt, the possessive pronoun clarifies that), no I am not getting paid by the hour for the blanket.  That would be wonderful, yet highly unlikely to ever happen.  Because yes the process is time consuming.  I timed myself intermittently during the process and it could take 20 minutes to do a row (if tangling had occurred because of transport and the fact that I have a special touch for that) and last night I got it down to 13 minutes.  Considering each diamond was 13 rows and there were 12 rows of diamonds, the total number of rows is 156.  Then you also have to add in the time for making the tiny balls of yarn and attaching them.  So at the least 36 hours.  See what a payday that would be.  But luckily I really enjoyed the project and it gave me a chance to try multiple colors.  I’ve developed a bit of an obsession with argyle, so thats a plus.

It’s not like I locked myself in the room with the blanket, I even took it on an outing to see the Phillies play the Nats.  The Phillies won.  Now I’m just adding this to my data that says every phillies game I knitted at has been a win.  Of course Tuesday’s game was likely to be a win with Cole Hamels pitching.  I don’t believe the Nats won the stitch and pitch game, but I don’t know how much I was rooting for them.  About the game not to complain about my five dollar seat (because it was quite a deal if you add on the free t-shirt.  But I do think they should have begun the seats one row further up, because the stair barricade blocked my straight on view of second base.  And the Phillies 2nd baseman is my favorite player, plus that is an important part of double plays – the best show of defensive teamwork ).  The glass also made extra players, interesting and confusing if one was to get really drunk, which I was not, just tired.

But I have now finished the knitting part of the blanket and that makes 192 diamonds.  I almost did get that many diamonds, because I did not have enough yellow yarn for 4 diamonds.  It was very odd that I had the same number of green and yellow diamonds, and unless the approximately 123 yards is very approximate or not even slightly approximate but more like hand grenades.  Also with my several rounds of calculations, I did not have the amount left over in green that I would have guess.  But I beared it well and ordered another skein, because sometimes it is best to stick with the plan.

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2 Responses to 192 Diamonds

  1. paula says:

    Beautiful!!! what yarn did you use? and how will you finish?

  2. karla says:

    wow! that’s all i can say! 🙂

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