Twist and spin

So I broke a major life rule yesterday.  I bought a power drill.  In my defense, they don’t really seem to sell hand crank ones any more.  Well I will discuss more about that in a later post when the project is finished and maybe even share why that rule exists.  I just felt I should be upfront about the purchase and not bring down the wrath of consequences by trying to hide it.  Like oh no that is just a present and I was testing it to make sure it works.

Something else I have added to my possessions, is this.  Can you tell what it is?

It’s a spinning wheel.  You see my friend Ashley had a habit of picking up wheels when she saw a good deal and at one point this summer owned 4.  She only bought the fourth knowing she was going to sell the first three.  And since she is a kind and decent person, she was not planning to charge more than she paid for them.  All the wheels found homes in the group, and she was kind enough to throw in delivery with mine.  I only agreed to buy it after looking around and seeing what a great deal she was offering.  This way if I decided I did not have room for it, I knew I could pass it along without taking a loss.  After their initial depreciation, if kept in good condition they remain around the same value.

It was funny after the first day of playing with the wheel, I swear when I was in bed falling asleep I kept feeling like I was doing the treadling motion.  Very strange.  After practice with the fiber she threw in, see how great she it, I moved on to my pretty red roving and this is what I had accomplished when I took the picture a week ago, I have done more since.

So my sister commented on my learning to crochet in an incredulous nature.  I suppose I should not mention my thoughts on weaving.

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