How to design the unknown

So apparently my nephew takes after me.  This is before I have even started him on an intense behavioral modification program (I figured I would save that until at least age 4).  And don’t worry about my nephew’s well being, the intense behavior modification program may also be known as Ashley’s attempt to indoctrinate Trey into knitting, first introduce to yarn.  Then a cool themed sweater of his choice.  You know knitting can offer several benefits for child including giving children self-confidence and improving special recognition, math skills, and physical dexterity.¹  Plus girl knitters are extremely fascinated with the idea of a male who understands their yarn love, so I would be giving skills for his future.  There may be other parts of the program, but they are not well defined enough or I fear my sister taking preventative measures, so they are not going to be broadcast currently.  

Oh curious about how he takes after me, the boy refuses to eat jelly.  So like me he opts for a peanut butter sandwich.  No I am not being lazy by not saying “and jelly”, I am simply communicating that never in my world will there be jelly on a sandwich I eat.  And not only that he highly enjoys the better version of the sandwich like me.  Yes the would better is subjective and you are free to disagree, I was stating my opinion not trying to make anyone else accept it as the truth.

Well besides the news that I have given up on interacting with people in a manner that can be described as a transaction to purchase food (I already let out a little rant yesterday, so I don’t need to bore more people with it.  Okay so truthfully I cannot properly convey the different tones.), I guess I should share what I have accomplished lately.

I know its been a while since I worked on my cardigan.  Part of that was because I was close to finishing the back and after that had to work out the front.  This was a problem because I did not have a clear picture of what the front looked like.  See the issue.  But with my new rule of a limited amount of projects, I have to work on finishing things.  There are some exceptions for projects with deadlines, but I am going to work to fix things so I don’t need to allow the exception in the future.  What I mean is there is an exception for the current grace period, but it will decrease in frequency in the future.

So yesterday I stayed up later than I planned to finish the back and seriously thought out the front.  And today I have begun working out the pattern for the front, thinking about hard issues like how to work the darts and button bands.  Also the collar, collars are probably element of knitted garments that I am often least satisfied with.

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