A murder of stitches

A murder you say?  Oh I mean you say, “a murder you say?”.  Well I was trying to be clever.  I think I may have succeeded, but I may just be deluding myself.  So I spent about 3 whole minutes trying to think of a title for my discussion of learning to crochet?  And to myself I thought, hey crochet could be mistaken for crow-chet.  So you put together crows and a stitch technique, a murder of stitches.  Yup may just be delusional.  Well I didn’t want to talk about being a hooker, so I did the best I could.

Now why would I suddenly take up crochet (see the difference from knitting here) when I just in the previous post was talking about limiting the number of projects and having deadlines.  Well I looked to my sister for advice in choosing the baby blanket design.  And she suggested argyle, and something about the appealedto me strongly.  The problem then was would I have an ugly side or not.  Because normally argyle is for socks and vests, both which only have one side that everyone sees.  But a blanket is different, and with a baby you might want to be able to use both sides.  So one pattern I found with both sides looking good was through double knitting.  I have already practiced double knitting for warm hats, so the only thing I worried about was how much more yarn it would use.  The second pattern I saw was done through crochet.  Since I am currently waiting for the yarn to arrive (I couldn’t order until I had an idea of how much I needed and that was difficult without know how I would work the design or how big a baby blanket is.  Seriously why is there not a given measurementlike for twin size quilts), I had time to see if crochetwould be possible within the time limit.  So I found the random crochet hook I have (I don’t know probably from my inheritence from my grandmother) and found some online videos.  I learned how to do three different stitches, including the one used in the pattern in Candy Tots.  So I now know I could possibly make the blanket this way, I just need to get to a library 19 miles away.  19 miles is much further when you think of the traffic congestion and that I have no car, but I may be able to work it.  But I’m not sure how I feel about the crochet look.  So I still have not decided.  This last picture is the stitch that would be used for the blanket.  Let me know what you think.

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One Response to A murder of stitches

  1. karla says:

    i thought you knew how to crochet? i think if you can knit, you can crochet? my sister made quite a few crocheted blankets and i think they turned out nice, but it completely depends on the look that you want…

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